August 25, 2015
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John Trujillo

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Real Identity: John Trujillo
Affiliations: Tulsa Fair Housing
Appearances (Freedom Fighters: The Ray): Episode 3, Episode 4, Episode 5, Episode 9, and The Movie
Powers/Skills: Knowledge of Law and Physics
Voiced By: Jason Mitchell

John Trujillo was a lawyer who worked for Tulsa Fair Housing and is a friend of former co-worker, Ray Terrill. He also has a trust fund from his great grandparents, who supposedly invented diet soda. On a Wednesday, Trujillo sat in the break room and listened to Terrill practice his speech for the presentation that day. Trujillo reckoned he heard it a hundred times and memorized it, too. He advised Terrill to try decaf and loosen up. He assured Jenny Knight the presentation was going to be great. However, they found out the entire department was being shut down to help fund a tax cut. Trujillo objected to being closed down and reiterated that people relied on them. Donald, the lead politician, pointed out those same people didn't vote for him and he was focusing on the ones that did. Terrill and Trujillo went to a bar. He tried to get Terrill to slow down but Terrill felt guilty for just standing around in shock during the presentation. Trujillo concluded there were some fights that couldn't be won.

Terrill showed him a text from his mother announcing meat loaf dinner. Trujillo couldn't decide what was more pathetic, Mrs. Terrill's use of emojis or that he was 22 years old and still living with his parents. He then remembered Terrill still hadn't told them he was gay. Ray Terrill reminded him his parents were conservative and he had to go about it the right way. Trujillo concluded waiting until he figured out the perfect way was just an excuse to procrastinate and called him a "procrastor-faker." Terrill countered if he was, it was for a good reason since they were disappointed he didn't go into the military like his older brother, Michael. Trujillo asked him why he hasn't just moved out. Terrill pointed out he was newly unemployed. Trujillo suggested Sweden. Terrill brought up his trust fund. Trujillo stated he counted his blessings every day and asked not to judge him. He noticed a man across the bar, Jacob, was checking out Terrill for the past 10 minutes. He implored Terrill to talk to him or would make weird squawking sounds again like last time. Terrill tried to talk to Jacob but choked and said he forgot to park his car. Trujillo couldn't believe it.

Later that night, Trujillo got a call from Terrill and learned he failed again to come out to them. He suddenly had to hang up to call 911. Trujillo soon got another call from Terrill asking if he could swing by his apartment. Terrill explained how a portal opened in the backyard and he met a person who looked like him then he blew up into a thousand beams of light that went into him. Trujillo listened and was speechless. Terrill got annoyed and showed him the Neuro-Cortex given to him. He activated it and a hologram of Red Tornado from Earth-X appeared. Terrill and Trujillo jumped from the couch and ran to the other side of the room. Red Tornado explained the Multiverse to them then revealed he was from Earth-X, where the Axis Powers won World War II and took over the world. Red Tornado then showed them the world's resistance force, the Freedom Fighters. Terrill recognized one, the Ray, as the man he met then noticed another, Black Condor, looked like Trujillo. Trujillo was relieved he wasn't a Nazi and remarked he looked good.

Red Tornado instructed them to destroy the Neuro-Cortex to prevent the New Reich from accessing vital information that could lead to the Freedom Fighters' destruction. Trujillo wondered if they could run the cortex over with a car. Terrill thought it was too cool to destroy. Trujillo cited Red Tornado's request to help save the world. Terrill promised he would destroy it. Trujillo watched in shock as Terrill glowed and levitated. After the Ray's costume materialized, Trujillo deduced the Ray transferred some of his photokinetic energy into Terrill and made him into a metahuman instead of giving him cancer from the radiation. Terrill stared at him. Trujillo stated he minored in Physics in college. Terrill tried flying but ended up flat on his back. Trujillo suggested practice. Terrill remembered that chair he didn't like that much and fired a light blast. It hit the TV instead. Trujillo was distraught and recommended continuing to test his powers anywhere else then reminded him about destroying the cortex.

At a remote location, Terrill nearly blasted a flock of geese then flew with them. Trujillo realized he could vibrate his atoms, too. He had an idea of what to do next. They returned to the bar. Trujillo believed getting superpowers should have built up Terrill's confidence enough for him to ask Jacob out. It worked. Terrill got an idea to use his alter ego to get make a difference in local politics. Trujillo thought it was a terrible plan. He couldn't believe Terrill went with "The Ray" and found it thoughtless. The next day, Trujillo was disappointed when he realized Ray threatened Councilman Donald. He asked about the cortex and discovered it wasn't destroyed. Terrill contended nothing, not even his rays, could destroy it. Trujillo pointed out he didn't really do anything about it but instead busted up a few crimes, improved his love life, and threatened a politician. Terrill pulled the dead brother card and stated he finally felt like he was making a real difference.

One day, Trujillo found Terrill inside Tulsa Fair Housing icing his bruises from an encounter with Overgirl of Earth-X. He regretted not destroying the cortex or asking heroes for help and was filled with guilt. Trujillo reminded him he always picked himself up and figured something out and that he did the right thing because that was the kind of person he was, not because of his brother. Terrill decided to ask Cisco Ramon to open a breach to Earth-X for him so he could make things right and save the Resistance. After the New Reich was defeated in New York City, Ray revealed he worked with their counterparts on his Earth. He was pretty sure Condor's counterpart, John Trujillo, had a crush on Phantom Lady's counterpart, Jenny Knight. Phantom Lady was amused and hinted some things were different on their Earth. Black Condor informed him he was gay.