Patty McCabe

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Real Identity: Patricia "Patty" McCabe
Appearances: Episode 2 and Episode 6
Powers/Skills: None
Voiced By: Kari Wuhrer

Patty McCabe was born on September 20, 1961. Patty was one of Mari McCabe's first foster parents along with her husband Chuck. Patty always secretly liked it when McCabe stood up for herself but always chewed her out for getting in trouble. Patty and Chuck liked taking her to the Detroit Museum of Natural History. When Mari was 10 years old, Patty got out the totem and gave it to her after hearing a story about some classmates calling her biological mother a junkie. Patty asserted the totem would one day help her find the answers to all her questions. At some point, she passed away prematurely. After Mari McCabe was left for dead in plains in M'Changa Province, she was approached by Animal Spirits who wanted Kuasa dealt with. One of the forms the Animal Spirits took was of Patty.