August 25, 2015
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Jenny Knight

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Real Identity: Jenny Knight
Affiliations: Tulsa Fair Housing
Appearances (Freedom Fighters: The Ray): Episode 3
Powers/Skills: Knowledge of Law
Voiced By: Dilshad Vadsaria

Jenny Knight was a lawyer who worked at Tulsa Fair Housing alongside Ray Terrill and John Trujillo. Terrill suspected Trujillo had a crush on Knight. One afternoon, Knight found Terrill and Trujillo in the break room and informed them the "big shots" had arrived. The trio set up their presentation to request their vote to expand fair housing laws. Terrill started the opening speech but the lead politician, Donald, stopped him and announced they were shutting down the department. Knight spoke out first and questioned the shut down. Donald explained he ran on a platform of tax cuts and the money had to come from somewhere. At dinner that night, Terrill's mother asked about Knight. He remarked she was fine. Mrs. Terrill found her lovely and mused she needed to find her son a girl like that.