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Real Identity: Jacob
Appearances (Freedom Fighters: The Ray): Episode 3, Episode 5, Episode 6,
Powers/Skills: None
Voiced By: Sunil Malhotra

On a Wednesday, Jacob noticed Ray Terrill in the bar as he talked with two of his friends. Terrill's friend, John Trujillo, observed him checking out Terrill for 10 minutes and forced him to go talk. Terrill greeted Jacob but choked and made up an excuse that he forgot to park his car. Later that night, Terrill met a version of himself from another dimension and gained his super powers. Trujillo thought that would boost his confidence and they returned to the bar. Terrill formed a gun with his hand and destroyed Jacob's drink with a minor light blast. While Jacob went to the bartender for another drink, Terrill walked over and introduced himself. While they went out for a walk, they overheard a mugging at a nearby park. Terrill asked him to get help while he stayed behind. Jacob found two officers and informed them. By the time they arrived, the mugger was dealt with and propped up on a light pole.

While lying to his father about a bullet wound he got from stopping a bank robbery, Terrill excused himself outside. Once out of earshot, Jacob told him he got over sneaking around parents after high school then assured him he'd gotten really good at it. Terrill asked if they were still on for that night. Jacob confirmed then asked if he was meeting him there. He only heard a groan and assumed it was a yes. In reality, Terrill took a dart to the neck and lost consciousness.