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Real Identity: Donald
Appearances (Freedom Fighters: The Ray): Episode 3 and The Movie
Powers/Skills: Politics
Voiced By: Christopher Corey Smith

Donald is a politician newly elected to city council in Oklahoma who ran on a successful platform of tax cuts. In order to fund the tax cuts, Donald chose Tulsa Fair Housing as one of the departments he would shut down since it aided the communities that didn't vote for him anyway. The Tulsa Fair Housing staff prepared a presentation asking for his vote on an expansion of fair housing laws and were unaware of Donald's agenda. Just as Ray Terrill started his opening speech, Donald stopped him and broke the news. John Trujillo objected to being closed down and reiterated that people relied on them. Donald pointed out those same people didn't vote for him and he was focusing on the ones that did.

Ray Terrill decided to use the Ray to make some changes with the local politics after seeing Donald on television. He broke into Donald's office. Ray apologized for breaking some glass and hovered above his desk. Donald was confused. Ray told him to fully fund Tulsa Fair Housing then changed the request to triple the funding. Donald finally realized he was the Ray. Ray pointed and zapped a stack of his papers. Donald swatted at it then agreed to triple the funding. The Ray was about to leave but stopped and made some suggestions for the next city council meeting. The next day, at a press conference, Donald announced laws to strengthen protection religious minorities, prevent firing or eviction of such, and protecting the rights of LGBT workers and renters. Trujillo disapproved of Ray threatening him.