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Real Identity: Charles "Chuck" McCabe
Affiliations: Detroit Public Works Department
Appearances: Episode 1, Episode 2, Episode 3, Episode 6, Episode 8, and The Movie
Powers/Skills: None
Voiced By: Neil Flynn

Chuck McCabe was born on February 11, 1954. Chuck was Mari McCabe's first foster parent along with his wife Patty. Chuck was an employee of Detroit's Public Works Department. Mari came with a mysterious necklace that belonged to her mother. Chuck asked a friend about it and learned it was an Anansi Totem. He once told McCabe that no matter how many fosters she went through, he would always be her "pop." At some point, Patty passed away. Years later, Chuck heard McCabe returned to Detroit but she didn't look him up. After McCabe was arrested for assaulting a would be employer, Chuck posted her bail and offered to take her out for a meal. Once McCabe revealed the employer came onto her, Chuck recalled how Patty always secretly liked it when she stood up for herself and admitted he still missed her. After they left the diner, they were held up by three hoodlums. The lead wanted McCabe's necklace. Chuck tried to offer them $15 and his wallet but one of the hoods dropped him with a gut punch.

When Chuck came to, the three hoods were unconscious and only Mari was left standing. Chuck took her back home and offered her to stay in her old bedroom. Mari McCabe tried to explain she thought her Spirit Totem was magical. Chuck thought the idea was crazy. She demonstrated the strength of a elephant and wall climbing of a spider. Chuck decided to pour himself a drink and joked this would lead to a mask and cape. He answered the door bell and discovered Arrow and Flash were outside. He watched as they ran after Mari. Some time later, she returned and explained what happened to Chuck. He was skeptical with a life of fashion designer by day and crime fighter by night but McCabe surprised him when she declared Detroit was her village and she would protect it with the Spirit Totem then told Chuck she loved him. They hugged but the Totem alerted her of Arrow and Flash's presence outside Chuck's house. Some time later, Chuck thought someone broke into his house and grabbed his bat but it was Vixen coming back from patrol.

Chuck heated up some water for tea. Despite his doubt, she insisted she could help protect Detroit and the codename Vixen was good for throwing criminals off their guard. He declined tea and hoped he had something stronger in his cupboards. He warned her Detroit was full of dangerous and desperate men. After a rough night, Chuck offered her frozen peas for her shoulder. She revealed she was having problems with controlling her powers. Chuck thought of Macalester but he was in Africa at the time. He proposed she was going about it incorrectly and recommended her to Dr. Vargas, a behaviorist at the Detroit Zoo, who also was an old flame of his. She teased him about it but he insisted they only went out to a few dinners and it was nothing fancy. After Vixen helped Vargas defeat smugglers, Vargas got immunity for testifying against them. She reconnected with Chuck and they started dating again. McCabe knew she should be happy for them but thought it was just weird to know he was dating.

After the Monument Point incident, Mari McCabe woke up in a hospital bed with Chuck by her side. He was relieved and asked her if she would give fashion design another chance. She began to remember and he assured her Monument Point and her "new friends" were all fine thanks to her. They saw a report on a theft at the Detroit Museum on TV. Chuck recalled how he and Patty loved taking her to the museum when she was little. He turned the TV off and reiterated his concerns of her super hero career. She assured him she was sticking to Detroit. After Eshu rampaged through Detroit demanding Vixen's Spirit Totem, Felicity Smoak notified Chuck about what was going on. Concerned about Vixen, Chuck made his way to State Street and found Vixen. Atom was happy to meet Chuck but Eshu attacked their group.

Vixen told Chuck she couldn't fight knowing he was in danger and instructed him to find a shelter. Chuck attended the party at the Detroit Museum celebrating the return of the Fire Totem, albeit shattered to pieces, with Mari. He complemented her dress, which she made by herself, and reiterated she had a future in fashion design if she went for it. Professor Macalester agreed. She introduced him to Chuck. Macalester stated his life hasn't been the same since he met her. Chuck pointed out they had something in common. Macalester implied to him he was helping Vixen. Chuck took some comfort in that Vixen wasn't alone fighting crime.