August 25, 2015
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Tulsa (Earth-1)

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances (Freedom Fighters: The Ray): Episode 3, Episode 4, Episode 5, Episode 6
Powers: Not Applicable
Voiced By: Not Applicable

Tulsa is a city in Oklahoma. After Tulsa Fair Housing was suddenly shut down by Donald, a newly elected official, Ray Terrill and John Trujillo found themselves out of the job. They drowned their sorrows at a bar. Trujillo mused there were some fights that couldn't be won then chided Terrill for being 22 years old, still living with his parents, and for not coming out to his parents. Terrill reiterated his parents were conservative and he had to go about it just right. Trujillo saw it as procrastination and tried to steer Terrill towards Jacob, a new prospect, across the bar. Terrill chickened out and returned home for a meat loaf dinner. He only told them about losing his job. After dinner, he went into the backyard and called Trujillo. Suddenly, a portal appeared and the Ray from Earth-X spilled out. He stopped Terrill from calling 911 and revealed himself to be another Ray Terrill. He gave him Red Tornado's Neuro-Cortex then transferred his photokinetic energy and vanished. Terrill went to Trujillo's apartment and went over what happened.

Terrill activated the Neuro-Cortex and a hologram of Red Tornado explained the Multiverse and Earth-X to them. Terrill inadvertently discovered he had the Ray's powers and levitated then the costume formed over his clothes. Trujillo deduced he got some of the Ray's photokinetic energy and became a metahuman. Terrill tried out his powers and zipped around as a beam of light but landed flat on his back. He decided to use a chair Trujillo didn't care for as target practice. Terrill's light blast instead shattered his TV. Trujillo suggested he test his powers somewhere else. They went out to a remote location. Terrill practiced firing light blasts then flew around with the flock of geese he almost hit. He lost concentration and nearly fell into power lines but regained flight. After landing, he discovered he could also vibrate the atoms in his body. They returned to the bar from earlier. Terrill blasted Jacob's glass on the sly. After Jacob went to the bar to order another drink, Terrill introduced himself.

Elsewhere, a lesbian couple was attacked by a bigoted mugger in a park. Ray Terrill and Jacob happened to hear their screams while they walked around. Terrill told Jacob to go get help while he watched. Once he was gone, Terrill changed into the Ray and confronted the mugger. He blasted a trash bin then blasted the mugger's knife when he was distracted. Once his captive ran off to her other half, Ray grabbed the mugger and made him apologize. He jammed the trash bin over the mugger then hung him from a light pole. Two police officers arrived and were perplexed. The Ray later disrupted a daytime bank robbery. He zipped around and punched out a robber but he was shot in the shoulder by a third. He vibrated at the last second and tricked the last two robbers into shooting each other. As police arrived, Ray zipped away as a burst of light. Back at home, Terrill treated his wound and told his father a lie that he got injured in a pick up basketball game. Terrill excused himself to answer his phone. After confirming a date with Jacob, Terrill took a dart to the neck and lost consciousness as two figures approached him.