Star City

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances: Episode 10 and The Movie
Powers: Not Applicable
Voiced By: Not Applicable

Founded in 1910 Star City, "The Land of Mist," is a major American city formerly known as Starling City. Like any metropolitan center, Star City has its share of crime and corruption. Queen Consolidated was the top company of Starling. Several company heads banded together and conspired to destroy the Glades in what was known as the Undertaking. Upon Oliver Queen's return, he took became a vigilante as the Hood to fulfill a promise to his late father Robert. He sought to eliminate those on his father's list. The Undertaking devastated the Glades, an impoverished neighborhood, and the Hood retired after Queen's best friend Tommy Merlyn was killed in the chaos. The Hood had to return after copy cats emerged. He soon changed his codename to Arrow and his team of allies steadily grew. After Moira Queen's arrest, Queen Consolidated entered a free fall until Slade Wilson used one of his proxies Isabel Rochev to attempt a buy out. Wilson attempted to wipe out the city with an army of soldiers enhanced with the Miraku drug.

After Ray Palmer took over Queen Consolidated and rebranded it Palmer Technologies, he revealed a plan to rename the city as Star City in an effort to move past the Undertaking and Slade Wilson. Ra's al Ghul and the League of Assassins plotted to unleash the Alpha-Omega Virus on the city but Team Arrow saved Starling once again. However, Palmer was presumed dead in an explosion at his office after Ra's al Ghul was killed. In his honor, Starling was renamed Star City. For a time Team Arrow consisted of Green Arrow, John Diggle, Felicity Smoak, Black Canary (Laurel Lance), and Speedy (Queen's half-sister Thea Queen). Six months later, they discovered Palmer was still alive and rescued him from the clutches of Damien Darhk, leader of the H.I.V.E. criminal organization.

Vixen and Kuasa infiltrated an estate in Star City, where the Water Totem was in the owner's collection, while Felicity Smoak coordinated from the Arrowcave. As Vixen forsaw, Kuasa put on the totem and attempted to run away. After Vixen distracted responding police officers with the estate's two resident Dobermans, she pursued Kuasa into the city. The Atom and Black Canary, as part of Vixen's back up plan, stepped in and captured Kuasa. Smoak informed them Eshu was on the rampage in Detroit with the Fire Totem. Vixen convinced Kuasa to help them stop Eshu and as a personal measure, avenge their home and father.