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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances: The Movie
Powers: Not Applicable
Voiced By: Not Applicable

Mari McCabe went to the Detroit Zoo, on Chuck's recommendation, to seek out the help of Dr. Vargas to study animal behavior in an effort to better control her powers. McCabe went to the Detroit Zoo Operations offices and found Vargas' office in Animal Behavior Research. Vargas eventually realized McCabe wasn't really studying zoology in college. McCabe inquired about the job opening. Vargas took McCabe behind the scenes and introduced her to the resident gorillas. Caesar, the dominant gorilla, approved of her. McCabe was hired and tasked with cleaning the gorilla cages, filling their food troughs, and the like. While mopping an area of the pen, McCabe knocked over her bucket of water which amused Caesar. She tried to show him her totem's power but he was startled. Vargas checked in on McCabe and revealed Caesar was rescued from the Congo five years prior.

McCabe attempted to show a gorilla sketch to Caesar as a peace offering but they heard a commotion in Vargas' office. She discovered a shake down in process between Vargas and a smuggler named Silk Tie. After he left, Vargas revealed they wanted her to help sell endangered species on the black market then admitted some of the zoo animals were not legally acquired. McCabe understood she was doing what she had to rescue the animals. She revealed her totem's power. Vargas started to understand McCabe's agenda. Instead of control, Vargas told her to embrace the Ashe and let the animal's instincts take over. McCabe had Vargas set up a meeting with Silke Tie in order to ambush him. Silk Tie took the bait and revealed he wanted Vargas to use her contacts to make sure a container on an incoming cargo freighter wouldn't be searched when it arrived the next day. Vixen dropped down from the ceiling and battled Silk's men. Silk Tie mused he could find a bidder on her and shot at her. His bullets shattered the glass of the gorilla pen.

Caesar stepped out and joined the fray. He made short work of Silk's men, tossing one out a window and swinging the other into the floor repeatedly. Silk tried to run but Vixen used the Cheetah ashe and cut him off then punched him out. The police arrested Silk Tie and Vargas agreed to testify against him for immunity. McCabe got an idea for the next version of her costume and showed it to Caesar. He was unimpressed and blew a raspberry. McCabe retorted he ran around in his birthday suit all day.