Detroit University

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances: Episode 2, Episode 4, Episode 5, Episode 7, Episode 9, Episode 11, and The Movie
Powers: Not Applicable
Voiced By: Not Applicable

The day after a mugging staged by Kuasa, Mari McCabe visited a Professor Macalester at his office, Room #108, at Detroit University and asked him about the Spirit Totem. She returned to see Macalester, after a run-in with Arrow and Flash, for help but his benefactor, Kuasa, arrived and demanded the totem or she would die. While trying to escape out Macalester's window, McCabe was shot and lost consciousness. Kuasa had her taken to Zambesi in Africa. Macalester left for Zambesi after he got his "research grant" from Kuasa. The next day, McCabe went to his office to confront him only to learn of his expedition from his teaching assistant. She informed McCabe he would be gone for about a year.

One year later, Professor Macalester returned from his expedition to Africa with one the Lost Totems of Zambesi and as a gift to the city, it would be displayed in the Detroit Museum's Hall of Gemstones. McCabe confronted Macalester after the unveiling of the totem. McCabe sought out Macalester for any information that could lead to Eshu's defeat. The next week, they located Kuasa in Africa and asked her how to stop the Fire Totem. Kuasa admitted the solution was lost to time. Macalester recalled the university had stories and poems from the Zambesi region stored in their archives. Just after Eshu publicly issued his demand for Vixen to surrender her totem, she got a call from Macalester. He revealed he found a song in the archives and quickly told Vixen each totem had an auri, something like a soul, and the totem would lose its power if its auri were crushed. Vixen wasn't sure how to use that information. Macalester reminded her about the balance of totem's forces.