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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances: Episode 12 and The Movie
Powers: Not Applicable
Voiced By: Not Applicable

Professor Macalester returned from his expedition to Africa with the Fire Totem. As a gift to the city, it would be displayed in the Detroit Museum's Hall of Gemstones. Two weeks after an incident at Monument Point, Banatu Eshu hired Mr. Jones to steal all gems from the museum. The thief, Mr. Jones, used his acrobatic prowess to leap from display to display, avoiding the infrared lasers, and using a glass cutter. The next day, Vixen sneaked into the museum using camouflage and listened in on Professor Macalester speaking with a police sergeant. Vixen chased a local snitch named Drake and learned a foreigner from Africa bankrolled a theft at the Detroit Museum. She fought her way into Eshu's office and saw he had the totem in his possession. In the aftermath of their final battle, Vixen was forced to use "great strength" to crush the soul of the Fire Totem. She summoned multiple animal spirits and reduced it to pieces. They were returned to the Detroit Museum.

During a gala, Mari McCabe looked at the pieces on display and noticed Ray Palmer and Dinah Lance. They raised their glasses to her. She introduced Chuck and Macalester to each other. Chuck found it comforting to know she wasn't defending the city alone. McCabe and Macalester looked at the shattered Fire Totem. McCabe noted it was dim and dark. Macalester pointed out beauty remained in most things that seemed rough and dark at first. McCabe got a text from Cisco Ramon about an emergency in Coast City.