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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances (Vixen): Episode 1, Episode 2, Episode 3, Episode 4, Episode 5, Episode 6, Episode 7, Episode 8, Episode 9, Episode 10, Episode 11, Episode 12, and The Movie
Appearances (Freedom Fighters: The Ray): Episode 7 and Episode 8
Powers: Not Applicable
Voiced By: Not Applicable

Mari McCabe was raised in Detroit and bounced from foster home to foster home. When she got older, McCabe left Michigan to find her birth parents. Four years later, she returned to Detroit. On the night of December 11, 2013, McCabe went to a Big Belly Burger and used her credit card for a meal that included an iceberg shake. At some point, she went in for a job interview in fashion design. Her would be employer offered to give her a job in exchange for agreeing to a sexual proposition. McCabe stabbed him with a pen and was arrested. One of McCabe's foster fathers, Chuck, posted her bail and treated her to a meal. They were later held up by three hoodlums that wanted McCabe's necklace, the Spirit Totem. She was held at gunpoint while Chuck was gut punched for offering his wallet. McCabe touched her Totem and took out the three hoods with animal powers. Chuck awoke after the fight ended. They returned to Chuck's home. He invited her to stay if she wanted. The next day, she visited a Professor Macalester at a university and asked him about the Spirit Totem.

Three days after her arrest, Mari McCabe was pursued by Arrow and Flash across several roofs. The mugging incident was flagged by Cisco Ramon's modified facial recognition algorithm. Flash decided to investigate and brought Arrow as back up. At the sight of them at Chuck's front door, Mari McCabe summoned the power of the cheetah and ran for it. She used her Spirit Totem to dodge Arrow's regular and trick arrows and the Flash's moves. While trying to dodge a net arrow, McCabe fell off the edge of the building but used her totem and flew. Arrow convinced her they just wanted to talk. McCabe denied being in Central City during S.T.A.R. Labs' particle accelerator explosion which Arrow verified through Felicity Smoak. McCabe warned them to leave her alone and flew away. She went to Macalester for help but his benefactor, Kuasa, arrived and demanded the totem or she would die. While trying to escape, McCabe was shot and lost consciousness. Kuasa had her taken to Zambesi in Africa. She returned to Detroit having embraced her destiny. She declared Detroit was her village and she would protect it.

McCabe tried out her Vixen codename while she interrupted an armed theft in an alley. The thief was perplexed at first but brandished his switch blade. Vixen used the monkey ashe to launch herself off a wall, landed behind him then kicked him into garbage cans. She checked on the woman and tried out another version of her introduction. She tried to sneak back into Chuck's house but he nearly swung his baseball bat at her. McCabe insisted she only wanted to help protect Detroit but wasn't doing it on as huge a scale as Arrow or Flash. The next day, McCabe went to the university to confront Macalester but learned he already left on his African expedition and would be gone for about a year. Vixen intervened in an armed hold up of a couple but she had difficulty controlling her powers. Luckily, police cars cut off the two men while they tried to flee the scene. Chuck recommended her to seek out an old friend, Dr. Vargas, at the Detroit Zoo. McCabe ended up getting a job and helped with maintaining the gorilla exhibit. The dominant gorilla Caesar accepted her.

McCabe soon became involved in helping Dr. Vargas deal with Silk Tie, a smuggler trying to use her port contacts to sell endangered species on the black market. She revealed her power to Vargas. Vargas realized what McCabe was trying to learn from her and instructed her to embrace the ashe and let the animals' instincts take over. Vixen and Caesar defeated Silk Tie and his men. Vargas agreed to testify against Silk Tie and help take down his global smuggling operation in exchange for immunity. Vixen was inspired to make a new costume and continued to fight crime in Detroit. One year later, she broke up a bank robbery and noticed a news flash on TV revealing Professor Macalester returned from Africa.

Professor Macalester returned with one the Lost Totems of Zambesi and as a gift to the city, it would be displayed in the Detroit Museum's Hall of Gemstones. McCabe confronted Macalester after the unveiling of the totem. She was summoned by Cisco Ramon to help with a crisis in Monument Point. Two weeks later, Vixen chased a local snitch named Drake and learned a foreigner from Africa bankrolled a theft at the Detroit Museum. She fought her way into Eshu's office and had the discovered the stolen totem was in his possession. He hinted knowing Vixen's mother then blasted her with fire, taking the battle outside onto a rooftop. Vixen was unable to stop Eshu and was forced to hide in a swimming pool until he left. McCabe sought out Macalester for any information that could lead to Eshu's defeat. The next week, they located Kuasa in Africa and asked her how to stop the Fire Totem.

While Vixen and Kuasa secured the Water Totem from an estate in Star City, Eshu went on a rampage in Detroit. He threatened to engulf the city in an apocalpyse until he was given the Spirit Totem. He broadcast his demands across the airwaves. Vixen, Kuasa, The Atom and Black Canary battled Eshu on State Street. Through the course of the fight, Eshu easily defeated Atom and Canary and knocked them down the street. Kuasa attempted to drown Eshu but his totem's power overcame and engulfed her in flames. Eshu vowed to break Vixen's spirit then kill her. Vixen and Eshu battled across Detroit and eventually took to the skies. Vixen tackled Eshu off the side of a building onto a pier. The waters nullified enough of Eshu for Vixen to take on the spirit of a hippo and sunk them underwater. She took on an octopus spirit and snatched the Fire Totem away. She gave it to Professor Macalester but Eshu pulled her under. Vixen used an electric eel and crocodile to kill Eshu. Macalester instructed Vixen to use "strength" to crush the Fire Totem's soul. She summoned multiple animals at once and reduced to totem to pieces and severed the bond with Eshu.

Some time later, Vixen pursued three men working for Albert Cerico and took them down in a warehouse. She instructed one to tell Cerico that the streets didn't belong to him anymore. One of the men got up and was about to shoot Vixen. Green Arrow fired an arrow and disarmed him. Vixen was annoyed and stated she had the situation under control then asked why he was in Detroit. Arrow asked for her help.

A military prototype robot went out of control and rampaged through Detroit. The Ray's sudden introduction to Green Arrow, Flash, Mr. Terrific, and Cisco Ramon were interrupted by an alert from Vixen. The prototype destroyed three city blocks. The Flash ran Green Arrow, Mr. Terrific, and The Ray to Detroit. Ray was overcome by motion sickness. They discovered the threat was a giant robot. Mr. Terrific couldn't hold back his excitement. Vixen landed and remarked that was one way to put it. Everyone took off but Ray. He stood there until Arrow asked him if he was waiting for an invitation. Ray blasted the robot then asked Flash if they ran head first into danger all the time. Flash admitted it was their first robot. Vixen flew above the city then dive bombed it with the whale spirit but it stood right back up then punched her into an office building. It smashed up another building while it swatted at the T-Spheres. Flash saved a civilian as she lost her grip and fell. Their individual attacks failed to slow it down at all.

Arrow fired several cables between buildings to form a web. Terrific insisted it would hold because he built them. Arrow directed them to herd the robot into the web. Vixen asked how. Ray got an idea. He flew to the robot and rematerialized on the other side. The robot followed and became entangled in the web. Vixen decked it with the gorilla spirit, Arrow fired exploding arrows, and Terrific tossed T-Spheres then Ray knocked it on its back with a powerful blast. Flash ripped some wires out of its head and deactivated it. Arrow told Ray to aim his blasts in tighter groupings next time. Vixen suggested a "Nice job, kid" but Terrific informed her that was his version of the phrase. Vixen introduced herself to Ray and shook his hand. He admitted "Ray" was his real name and codename. She was amused he didn't really get the concept of a secret identity. Flash congratulated him. Ray was concerned with Terrific's implication there could be more robots. Arrow admitted he did some quick thinking in the field but still needed to hone his skills. Flash predicted Arrow was going to offer to train him. Ray immediately accepted but took off for home after a nearby clock tower tolled at 7:00.