August 25, 2015
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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances (Freedom Fighters: The Ray): Episode 2, Episode 3, Episode 4, Episode 8, and The Movie
Powers/Skills: Data Repository and Projection
Voiced By: Not Applicable

The Neuro-Cortex is the memory bank of Red Tornado. On Earth-X, following a battle with Overgirl in Tulsa, Red Tornado's systems were about to suffer a total failure. He asked the Ray to make sure his Neuro-Cortex was destroyed. The Ray couldn't fathom destroying it, as it would mean destroying Red Tornado. Red Tornado insisted they couldn't risk the New Reichsmen accessing the data stored in the cortex. He shut down and his forehead opened up to reveal the cortex. The Ray removed it and was soon attacked by Black Arrow. Vibe opened a portal to Earth-1 and pushed the Ray through in order to keep the cortex safe. The Ray encountered that universe's version of himself and entrusted him with the cortex and his powers. Ray Terrill went to the apartment of his friend, John Trujillo, and shared what happened to him. He touched the center of the cortex and it powered on then levitated.

A hologram of Red Tornado was projected and explained the multiverse then revealed it was from Earth-X and its history. Red Tornado then revealed the Neuro-Cortex contained information vital to the resistance known as the Freedom Fighters, including the location of their base of operations. He implored Terrill to destroy it to save the world. The reserve power was deleted and the cortex deactivated. Terrill didn't follow instructions and thought technology from another Earth was way too cool to destroy just yet. He discovered it was virtually indestructible. Lighters and hammers failed to even scratch it. Ray's light beams couldn't even destroy it. He stored the cortex in the bottom of his sock drawer. After Jacob broke up with him, Terrill returned home. He threw the cortex at his bedroom wall in frustration. The New Reichsmen found Vibe and discovered from his computers that the cortex was on Earth-1. He was forced to open a breach to that world. Overgirl located the Neuro-Cortex in Ray Terrill's bedroom.

Ray used his ability to dematerialize and zip out of the house with the cortex. He was unable to fight back or summon help and fled the scene. Overgirl returned to Earth-X with the cortex and the New Reich discovered the Resistance headquarters was the Grand Central Terminal in New York City.