The Anansi Totems

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances: Episode 1, Episode 2, Episode 3, Episode 4, Episode 5, Episode 6, Episode 7, Episode 8, Episode 9, Episode 10, Episode 11, Episode 12, and The Movie
Powers/Skills: Various
Voiced By: Not Applicable

The Anansi Totems are five fabled mystic stones from Zambesi in West Africa. Zambesi was once a fertile land and the envy of its neighboring nations. The Zambesians long sought to protect themselves from their neighbors and nature itself. Their prayers were answered by the god Anansi. He gifted them with five totems, one for each great Zambesi nation, in exchange for their worship. Each tribe's chief could wield the powers of nature, one of each elemental force: air, earth, water, fire, and spirit. Each totem had a center, it's auri. It was said to be something like a soul. If the soul was crushed, a totem would lose its power. Each totem harnessed a different but equal force to maintain a balance. As a result, Zambesi existed in a rare state of harmony and prosperity for nearly a thousand years. However, Zambesi, like the rest of Africa, fell prey to the forces of colonialism, changing faith and war. The five totems were lost and forgotten. Countless explorers and archaeologists spent their lives searching for the infamous "Lost Totems of Zambesi" but none were found.

The Spirit Totem ended up in Detroit with an infant named Mari, the younger sister of Kuasa, the last to be chosen to wield it. Kuasa and Mari's mother fled M'changa Province after it was raided by warlords and sent the latter to Detroit somehow. Over 20 years later, Mari McCabe kept the abilities of the Spirit Totem a secret but it bonded to her after it sensed Kuasa's presence in Detroit. Kuasa struck a deal with others to keep Zambesi safe and searched for the Spirit Totem. She kidnapped McCabe back to Africa and nearly killed her to take back the totem. McCabe cheated death and was aided by Animal Spirits and the spirits of her ancestors. She took back the Spirit Totem, returned home, and became Vixen. Professor Macalester, who helped Kuasa find McCabe for funding, went to Africa on his expedition. A second totem was discovered along the Mchanga River. Two months into the expedition, meanwhile, a third - the Water Totem arrived in Star City and joined a man's collection after he won it in auction.

After being away for six months total, Macalester returned to Detroit with the intent of keeping the Fire Totem on display at the Detroit Museum's Hall of Gemstones. Two weeks after Macalester debuted it to the public, the totem was taken by a Zambesian ambassador named Eshu, who had been searching for the totems himself. He was able to wield its pyrokinetic powers and battled Vixen. She and Macalester returned to Africa and sought out Kuasa for her knowledge of the totem's magical properties. She claimed to know where the Water Totem was and wanted to join the fight. Vixen and Kuasa went to Star City and broke into the man's estate to steal the Water Totem. Kuasa attempted to flee with it but Vixen had a Plan B in case of such a betrayal. The Atom and Black Canary captured Kuasa. As Vixen tried to reason with Kuasa, Felicity informed everyone Eshu was on a rampage in Detroit with the Fire Totem's power. Kuasa agreed to hold up her end of the bargain with Vixen and to avenge Zambesi and their father as well.

Kuasa and the Water Totem were seemingly destroyed after Eshu engulfed her in fire. Vixen summoned multiple animal spirits and crushed the soul of the Fire Totem to sever the bond with Eshu. As a result, the Fire Totem was reduced to pieces. Still, it was put back on display in the Detroit Museum.