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Real Identity: Barry Allen
Appearances (Vixen): Episode 1, Episode 3, Episode 4, Episode 6, Episode 7, and Episode 12
Appearances (Freedom Fighters: The Ray): Episode 7 and Episode 8
Powers/Skills: Enhanced Speed
Voiced By: Grant Gustin and Scott Whyte

Barry Allen is a forensic scientist from Central City. After helping Arrow and his team on a case, Allen returned home. During the unveiling of S.T.A.R. Labs' particle accelerator, an explosion rocked the city and gave certain people superpowers. The explosion caused an accident and rendered Allen comatose. When he awoke, he discovered he gained super speed. He took up a costumed identity, the Flash. While frantically searching for a USB drive containing crime scene statistics, Flash was told by Cisco Ramon that his modified algorithm flagged a possible metahuman in Detroit. Believing a metahuman outside of Central City could be something more, Flash recruited Arrow to back him up in the investigation. Flash and Arrow went to Detroit in pursuit of Mari McCabe. After she took on the speed of a cheetah and ran off, Flash sped off after her annoyed by Arrow's comment she could move fast. Despite his own super speed, Flash was unable to capture McCabe.

Flash was amazed by McCabe but mistook her camouflage with teleportation. However, during the pursuit, McCabe fell off the edge of a building. Flash ran after her but was amazed to see her fly back up to the top. Once she agreed to a discussion, Flash insisted he should do the talking so he had more experience with metahumans. Arrow quickly pointed out Flash threw most of them into his pipeline prison. McCabe didn't understand what a metahuman was. Flash explained the term and its connection to the S.T.A.R. Labs incident. She denied being there so Arrow had Felicity Smoak run a check. Flash asked Arrow to tell her he said hi. Smoak heard him and greeted him back. However, he couldn't believe McCabe had powers without exposure to the dark matter explosion. Flash tried to offer her his help but she turned down and warned them to stay away from her. After she flew away, Flash was relieved the talk went well and he wasn't beat up a little like usual.

Flash and Arrow went to Chuck's house again after they learned McCabe was fighting crime in an outfit. She managed to convince them to let her figure out things on her own for awhile. Flash promised if she ever needed any help, they would answer her call. After McCabe asked for a codename, Flash blurted out Cisco Ramon kept calling her "Vixen" then denied being affiliated with anyone named Cisco. Arrow wondered if Flash and Felicity Smoak were separated at birth. Flash hoped they weren't because they kissed then realized Arrow didn't know about that. He sped off. Some time later, Flash and Firestorm stood up to Weather Wizard at Monument Point. Flash used his super speed to unwind the tornadoes but watched as Firestorm was knocked out with a fist of water and split into Jefferson Jackson and Martin Stein. He ran across a wave and took them back to shore. Flash was relieved to see Vixen arrive. She questioned why he let Ramon name the bad guys to his amusement. He watched in horror as Wizard hit her point blank with a lightning bolt.

Flash responded to an emergency in Coast City. He made a $20 bet with Green Arrow that Vixen would show up. When she did and Flash reminded Arrow of the bet. Atom was delighted to hear Flash use the "BTDub" slang he claimed to have invented. Arrow, Flash, Black Canary, Atom, and Vixen took off to take on the next threat. Curtis Holt and Cisco Ramon whisked Ray Terrill from Tulsa to S.T.A.R. Labs Central City. Just as Terrill started to regain consciousness, Holt remarked to Ramon it would suck if they kidnapped the wrong person. Ramon claimed they were recruiting. Terrill transformed into the Ray and demanded answers. Green Arrow entered the room and the Flash entered the room, whom he recognized. Flash still couldn't believe they tranquilized Terrill. Arrow asked if it was the masks or colorful outfits that gave it away. Flash informed Ray he liked to bust the chops of rookies. Ray was confused. Holt explained they kept an eye on emerging heroes and metahumans. Ramon felt it was a good time to meet.

Arrow translated they took notice because he was using his powers in public a lot. Ray was surprised they knew about him. Flash stated they did their research. Holt read off their research on him - birth date, college, relatives, and hobbies. Arrow believed he could still use training in the proper use of his powers. Flash touted their experience in that area. They were interrupted by an alert from Vixen. The Flash ran Green Arrow, Mr. Terrific, and The Ray to Detroit and met up with Vixen. Ray got motion sickness from it. They discovered the threat was a giant robot. Flash ran along the side of a building then around its head. He admitted to Ray they never fought a giant robot before. During the battle, the robot leveled a building. Flash saved a woman from falling to her death. Arrow fired several cables between buildings to form a web. Terrific insisted the cables would hold because he built them. Ray got an idea and led the robot into the web.

Vixen used the gorilla spirit to punch its head, Arrow shot exploding arrows into its mid-section, and Terrific threw T-Spheres at its head. Ray powered up and knocked the robot on its back then Flash pulled several wires from its head. It shut down. Arrow told Ray to aim his blasts in tighter groupings next time. Vixen suggested a "Nice job, kid" but Terrific informed her that was his version of the phrase. Arrow admitted he did quick thinking in the field but needed to hone his skills. Flash stole Arrow's thunder and predicted he was going to offer to train. Ray quickly accepted but had to return home. Ray later approached Ramon and asked him to open a breach to Earth-X. At first, Ramon thought Flash was playing a joke on him.