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Real Identity: Martin Stein and Jefferson Jackson
Appearances: Episode 7
Powers/Skills: Transmutation, Flight, Nuclear Manipulation, Nuclear Absorption, Pyrokinesis, Merging, Psychic Communication, Unarmed Combat, and Combined Knowledge of Sciences
Voiced By: Victor Garber and Franz Drameh

On December 11, 2013, Ronnie Raymond and Martein Stein were fused into one being during the S.T.A.R. Labs Particle Accelerator incident. At the time, Stein had a F.I.R.E.S.T.O.R.M. core. Raymond's body remained but Stein was left in control of it. Although Raymond's mind was suppressed, Stein suffered schizophrenic tendancies. He tried to reunite his his wife Clarissa but she naturally didn't recognize him. Jefferson Jackson was a promising student-athlete on pace to attend college with a football scholarship. The S.T.A.R. Labs Particle Accelerator incident changed Jackson's life. He was struck by the wave of dark matter and suffered a torn ACL. Since his family couldn't afford college by themselves, Jackson got a job as a mechanic. For 10 months, Stein was homeless. Driven by Raymond, Firestorm tried to approach his fiancee Caitlin Snow. Snow and Cisco Ramon tried to track him down but he refused to admit who he was. He later intervened and saved the Flash from Reverse-Flash.

Eventually, Team Flash and Clarissa Stein convinced Firestorm to seek their help. They were treated with a drug cocktail but it was discovered Firestorm's body was destabilizing. He would soon set off a massive nuclear explosion. Firestorm tried to isolate himself but Snow used a quantum splicer on him just in time. Raymond and Stein were separated at last. However, they found themselves drawn to each other. General Eiling attempted take back control of Firestorm, but he was saved by Flash. Firestorm set out for more information about himself in Pittsburgh. He returned to Central City to help Flash and Arrow battle the Reverse-Flash. However, he trigged a singularity. The Flash ran around the portal while Firestorm separated inside it in order to destory it. However, they were unable to merge again in time. Raymond was killed. Stein's declining condition forced Team Flash to seek out another partner. They discovered Henry Hewitt and Jefferson Jackson were the only two people compatible. Hewitt failed to merge and sought revenge on them.

Jackson initially refused but, after hearing of Raymond's sacrifice, decided to merge. Firestorm was reborn and Hewitt was defeated. Stein and Jackson decided to leave for Pittsburgh to train and master Firestorm's abilities. Some time later, they responded to Cisco Ramon's emergency text. With the Flash, Firestorm confronted Weather Wizard at Monument Point. Jackson asked for advice on how to deal with a tornado. Stein recommended super heating the air around it. Flash offered to take care of the tornadoes and asked Firestorm to deal with the tsunami. Jackson tried to make a pun about sushi but Stein informed him a tsunami was a catastrophic tidal wave. He blasted the tsunami before it reached the city but Wizard formed a fist from the ocean and knocked out Firestorm, splitting him into Jackson and Stein. The Flash ran across a wave and retrieved them.