Black Canary

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Real Identity: Dinah Laurel Lance
Appearances: Episode 10, Episode 11, Episode 12, and The Movie
Powers/Skills: Sonic Manipulation, Unarmed Combat, Armed Combat, Marksmanship, and Knowledge of Law
Voiced By: Katie Cassidy

Laurel Lance is a citizen of Star City, the eldest daughter of Quentin and Dinah Lance, and longtime friend of Oliver Queen. She was a legal aid attorney for the City Necessary Resources Initiative and stood up for the innocent. After a complicated love triangle between herself, her sister Sara and Queen, Lance struggled with reconcilation and blamed Queen for her sister's death at sea. Although they still had feelings for each other, Lance pursued a relationship with Tommy Merlyn. Merlyn, however, died during the Undertaking, a city wide disaster instigated by his father. She became obsessed with bringing the Hood to justice, whom she blamed for Merlyn's death, and became Assistant District Attorney. She soon began coping with alcohol and drugs. Lance realized Sara was still alive and was told by Slade Wilson that Queen was the Arrow. For a long time, she blamed everyone for ruining her life but she eventually took responsibility for herself. She later took up the mantle of the Canary and trained under Ted Grant, a former vigilante named Wildcat, and later Nyssa al Ghul. She continued to work on and off with Team Arrow.

Vixen suspected Kuasa would try to double cross her when they found the Water Totem and got both Atom and Black Canary on stand by just in case. Kuasa took the Water Totem and ran into Star City. Atom flew over and picked Kuasa up. He was amused when Kuasa generated water blasts and informed her the suit was waterproof. Kuasa wriggled free and landed but Black Canary ran, leapt and brought her staff down on. Canary implored her to sit down and stay awhile. Kuasa conceded defeat. Vixen thanked them for their help. Canary informed her Green Arrow would have come, too, but he was tied up running for mayor. Vixen complemented Canary's costume but Atom thought was talking about his and revealed he made it himself. Vixen informed her that Atom and Black Canary already agreed to help fight Eshu in Detroit. Black Canary got in several kicks and hits with her staff but Eshu eventually figured out her style of attack.

Eshu caught her staff with his right hand over his left shoulder. He super heated it, forcing her to back off. Eshu rushed in and batted her down the street. After Eshu was defeated by Vixen, a gala was held. While Mari McCabe looked at the shattered Fire Totem on display, she noticed Ray Palmer and Dinah Lance. They raised their glasses to her. All three responded to a sudden emergency in Coast City along with Green Arrow and Flash.