The Atom

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Real Identity: Dr. Raymond "Ray" Palmer
Appearances: Episode 10, Episode 11, Episode 12, and The Movie
Powers/Skills: Exosuit Augmentation, Size Manipulation, Genius, Engineering, and Above Average Physical Attributes
Voiced By: Brandon Routh

Dr. Raymond Palmer is a charismatic businessman and former CEO of Palmer Technologies and Queen Consolidated. After losing his financee, Anna Loring, during an attack on Starling City plotted by Slade Wilson, Palmer wanted to become strong enough to help the city. After a chance encounter with Felicity Smoak during one of her shifts at a Tech Village, in late 2014, Palmer was overcome with curiosity why someone of her intelligence and skills was working there. He made a bid for Queen Consolidated and became its new CEO as part of his plan to rebuild the city and rechristen it "Star City." Palmer hired Felicity to work for him but they become romantically involved and he became obsessed with completing his A.T.O.M. Exosuit. After the Arrow reportedly went on a killing spree, Palmer used facial recognition technology to learn Arrow was Oliver Queen. Laurel Lance refused to try Queen on account Palmer's evidence wouldn't stand but he realized she was the current Black Canary. Palmer refused to believe Arrow was framed and donned his exosuit.

As the Atom, Palmer lured Arrow and Aresnal into a battle. Arrow managed to defeat the Atom by throwing a small flechette into a chink in his armor but spares his life. Palmer eventually is convinced of Arrow's innocence. However, he was shot by an arrow while trying to protect Felicity. To make matters worse, he was at risk of dying from a blood clot in his brain because of the injury. At his request, Felicity injected him with nano-tech. Palmer made a full recovery. Together, they went to Central City to seek Barry Allen and his team's help with improving his exosuit. He still lacked field experience and briefly served under Arrow's tutelage. Palmer realized Queen and Felicity were still in love and ended the relationship. He later tricked her into taking ownership of Palmer Technologies then helped Team Arrow with stopping Ra's al Ghul and the League of Assassins. After Queen and Felicity left Starling, Palmer continued working on his exosuit. He injected nano-tech and tested out a new ability to miniaturize but an explosion is triggered.

The Atom succeeded in shrinking himself but everyone thought he was dead. Damien Darhk kidnapped the Atom and wanted the suit. Six months later, Team Arrow helped rescue Atom and restore him to normal size. Palmer declined to make a public announcement that he was still alive and left to find a new purpose in life. Vixen suspected Kuasa would try to double cross her when they found the Water Totem and got both Atom and Black Canary on stand by just in case. Kuasa took the Water Totem and ran into the city. Atom flew over and picked Kuasa up. He was amused when Kuasa generated water blasts and informed her the suit was waterproof. Kuasa wriggled free and landed but Black Canary used her staff to get Kuasa to concede defeat. Vixen thanked them for their help. Vixen admired Canary's costume but Atom thought she was talking about his. He thanked her and stated he made it himself. She was dumbfounded. Vixen informed Kuasa that Atom and Black Canary already agreed to help fight Eshu in Detroit.

To Vixen's surprise, Chuck found her - thanks to Felicity. Atom was surprised he found them and introduced himself. Eshu fired at them and broke up the festivities. Atom's attacks had little affect on Eshu. Eventually, Eshu punched Atom as he flew towards him then fired into his chest. Atom was propelled into a building. After Eshu was defeated by Vixen, a gala was held. While Mari McCabe looked at the shattered Fire Totem on display, she noticed Ray Palmer and Dinah Lance. They raised their glasses to her. All three responded to an emergency in Coast City with Green Arrow and Flash. Atom was pleased to hear Flash use the "BTDub" slang he believed he invented. After Vixen arrived, they set off to face the new threat.