Green Arrow

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Real Identity: Oliver Queen
Appearances: Episode 1, Episode 3, Episode 4, Episode 6, Episode 12, and The Movie
Powers/Skills: Marksmanship, Armed Combat, Unarmed Combat, and Above Average Physical Attributes
Voiced By: Stephen Amell

Oliver Queen was the billionaire playboy scion of the affluential Queen family in Starling City until he was marooned on a remote island named Lian Yu for five years. He returned home as a warrior and upheld a vow to right the wrongs of his late father by eliminating corruption in his city. Eventually taking on the codename Arrow, he amassed allies, enemies, warped by family secrets, fought for his family company, and battled Deathstroke, a former comrade from his days shipwrecked on Lian Yu. After Flash was alerted to a possible metahuman named Mari McCabe in Detroit, he decided to take Arrow as back up. Arrow and Flash went to Detroit in pursuit of her. Instead of cooperating, McCabe took on the speed of a cheetah and ran off. Arrow noted she could move fast, to Flash's annoyance. Arrow got on his sportsbike and drove after Flash and McCabe. After she ran up the side of a building, Arrow fired a grapnel line arrow and jumped roof to roof after them.

Arrow ordered her to stop but McCabe only recited his famous line of failing her city. She activated camouflage and jumped over Arrow. He fired at the water tower but missed McCabe. He directed Flash in vain to hold her. He got off an arrow but to his surprise, McCabe caught it. She attempted to use camouflage again but Arrow already deduced the ability and revealed herself with a smoke screen arrow. After McCabe fell off a building but flew up, Arrow insisted they just wanted to talk to her. She believed them and landed. Flash insisted he do the talking since he was more experienced with metahumans but Arrow noted he threw them into his pipeline prison. McCabe denied being in Central City during the particle accelerator explosion so Arrow made contact with his ally Felicity Smoak and had her to a quick search. Smoak verified she was in Detroit but McCabe turned down Arrow and Flash's offer to help then flew away. Flash noted the talk went well. Arrow inquired how and Flash answered he didn't get beat up.

They returned to Chuck's house after learning McCabe was fighting crime in a costume. She reminded them about her warning. Arrow thought she meant she would try. Flash confirmed he was always cold and off-putting. Arrow proceeded to his point and stated he thought it was foolish of her to fight crime without training. McCabe convinced them to let her figure things out on her own for awhile. Arrow thought it was fair and wished her good luck. McCabe wondered if she was going to get a 'cool name' to which Flash wondered how she thought 'The Arrow' was cool. Arrow implored him to keep talking. Flash recalled Cisco Ramon kept calling her "Vixen" then denied being affiliated with anyone named Cisco. Arrow wondered if he and Smoak were separated at birth. Flash replied he hoped not because they kissed. Arrow was previously unaware of this. Flash realized this and ran off. Arrow warned McCabe the hero life wasn't easy but she was confident she could handle it to his surprise. McCabe admitted she knew who she was. Arrow understood and shot a grapnel line into a water tower. He scaled the building and ran from roof to roof.

Queen took on the Green Arrow codename when he became active again following the death of Ra's al Ghul. While running for mayor of Star City, Queen was unable to come to Vixen's aid while she stole the Water Totem with her sister Kuasa. The Atom and Black Canary were able to provide back up. Some time after the Eshu incident, Green Arrow was one of the heroes who participated in an emergency in Coast City. He didn't think Vixen would show up but lost the $20 bet with Flash. Vixen stated it was her calling to help people in need. They witnessed a few cars being launched in the air. Arrow asked if she was ready to prove it. She replied to call her Vixen. In need of Vixen's help, Green Arrow went to Detroit to seek her out. He intervened in skirmish between Vixen and three of Albert Cerico's men. He fired an arrow into the hand of one trying to sneak up on Vixen with a gun. Vixen declared she had it under control then asked if there wasn't enough in Star City to keep him busy. Arrow stated he needed her help.