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Real Identity: Caesar
Appearances: The Movie
Powers/Skills: Above Average Strength
Voiced By:

Due to deforestation and poachers in the Congo, gorillas were losing more and more safe havens. Dr. Lena Vargas was part of a team that rescued several gorillas. She named one of the orphans Caesar and brought him back to the Detroit Zoo after bribing officials. Caesar became the dominant male gorilla of the clan. Five years after his rescue, Dr. Vargas introduced Mari McCabe to the gorillas after she asked about the job opening to see if she would be accepted. Caesar walked over to them and placed his right palm on the glass. He saw her Spirit Totem flicker. Vargas noted Caesar approved and she was hired. McCabe called her on naming him Caesar of all things. Vargas joked the gorillas were going to rise up and take over the world. While mopping up the pen, McCabe knocked over her bucket of water to Caesar's amusement. Caesar bellowed after the totem flickered again. McCabe noticed and demonstrated the gorilla's ashe. Caesar was startled and pounded his chest. McCabe recalled the ashe and tried to apologize. Vargas checked in on her and revealed Caesar's origins.

McCabe realized they had something in common. She tried to present a gorilla sketch as a peace offering to him but they overhead noise coming from Vargas' office. McCabe discovered a smuggler named Silk Tie was trying to coerce Vargas into helping him sell endangered species on the black market. Vargas admitted to bribing people to ensure the safety of animals over the years then McCabe revealed her true purpose for getting a job at the zoo, to gain better control of her powers. Vixen ambushed Silk Tie and his men at a meeting. Silk shot at her but shattered the glass of the gorilla exhibit. Caesar stepped out and quickly took out Silk's men, throwing one out a window and swinging the other into the floor repeatedly. Caesar tapped his chest. Vixen was excited to have a sidekick then corrected herself, calling him a partner. With a better understanding of her powers, McCabe was inspired to design a new costume. Caesar was not impressed and blew a raspberry at the drawing. McCabe didn't think he was qualified to comment on fashion since he ran around in his birthday suit all day.