Weather Wizard

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Real Identity: Mark Mardon
Appearances: Episode 7
Powers/Skills: Weather Manipulation
Voiced By: Not Applicable

Mark Mardon and his young brother Clyde were bank robbers. In late 2013, the Mardons robbed two banks in Central City but Clyde killed a security guard in the second. Barry Allen studied the evidence left behind and concluded the Mardons' getaway car was Mustang Shelby GT 500 and their hideout was a farmhouse. Detectives West and Chyre checked out the four suspected farmhouses. The Mardons were hiding out in the last one. Chyre was shot in the scuffle. The Mardons attempted to evade arrest by flying off in a plane with Mark at the helm. At the same time, the S.T.A.R. Labs Particle Accelerator incident took place. They were caught in the dark matter wave and a bolt of lightning struck the plane. They both gained the power to control the weather and could do things like summon lightning, wind storms, ice storms, control temperature and use currents to levitate and fly. Clyde emerged unscathed but Mark broke every bone in his body. Clyde went on a solo crime spree and died in a confrontation with the Flash and Central City Police Department.

Mark Mardon, finally healed, sought revenge for his brother's death. He went to the Central City Morgue and tortured the coroner for information on the officers involved. Mardon attempted to kill Detective West with lightning but he was saved by Allen. Mardon tried again at police headquarters but the Flash used a Weather Wand to temporarily neutralize him. Detective West and Thawne went after Mardon and found him at an old hideout but West was kidnapped. Mardon summoned a tsunami to destroy Central City to kill West's daughter Iris but the Flash attempted to run fast enough to dissipate it. Instead, he went back in time a few days. Armed with knowledge of Mardon's hideout, the Flash easily apprehended him before the tsunami incident took place over again. Mardon was imprisoned in the Pipeline at S.T.A.R. Labs. During his first night, Mardon and the other imprisoned metahumans voted to watch "Mean Girls" but Cisco Ramon played "The Goonies" instead. Mardon requested a half a bottle of bourbon to be placed on his brother's grave on Clyde's birthday. Ramon codenamed him Weather Wizard.

In reaction to Reverse-Flash's plan to put the particle accelerator online again, Team Flash knocked out the metahumans with gas then transported them off the site. When the metahumans came to, Mardon didn't get along with Kyle Nimbus in particular. Leonard and Lisa Snart double crossed Team Flash and sabotaged the truck, allowing the metahumans to escape. Mardon and Roy Bivolo were about to attack Leonard Snart but he reminded them he helped them. They proceeded to escape. Snart mused he wanted to recruit them for his team, the Rogues. Five months later, Mardon broke Snart, now Captain Cold, and the Trickster out of Iron Heights. Cold declined the offer to help kill the Flash. The Trickster revealed bombs were hidden under around 100 Christmas Trees in the city. The Flash handed over the Weather Wand. Mardon used it to concentrate his powers and attacked the Flash. The Trickster was about to murder the Flash but Team Flash revealed they got all the bombs. They were both re-arrested and returned to Iron Heights.

Weather Wizard threatened to destroy Monument Point with tornadoes and a tsunami. The Flash and Firestorm responded first. Weather Wizard formed a fist out of the ocean and knocked Firestorm into the waters below. They split into Jefferson Jackson and Martin Stein. While Flash saved them, Vixen used a combination of her dolphin and eagle abilities to get under Wizard, fly up and ram him. He recovered and nailed Vizen with a lightning bolt. She plummeted into the ocean.