Silk Tie

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Real Identity: Unknown
Appearances: The Movie
Powers/Skills: Smuggling
Voiced By: Brandon Keener

Silk Tie is a smuggler with a global operation. He wanted to use Dr. Vargas, from the Detroit Zoo, and her network of contacts to aid him in selling endangered species on the black market. Silk took his men to her office and had them rough it up to coerce her into complying. Mari McCabe overheard the commotion and checked in on Vargas. She confirmed everything was fine. Silk reminded her not to forget about their arrangement and left with his men. Vargas worried about the animals, prompting McCabe to reveal the power of her Spirit Totem. Vargas was shocked and realized McCabe wanted her knowledge to understand her powers. Vargas instructed her to embrace them instead of trying to control them. Renewed with confidence, she told Vargas to set up a meeting with Silk Tie.

Silk Tie took the bait and met with Vargas at the zoo. He only brought two men with him. He handed a folder to Vargas and revealed a cargo freighter was due to arrive the next day. He wanted her to use her port contacts to make sure a particular container wouldn't be checked by security. Vargas signaled Vixen. Vixen dropped down from the ceiling as Vargas ran to safety. Vixen summoned the elephant's ashe and rammed them into a wall. Silk got out his gun and speculated he could find someone to bid on her. He shot at her and missed but shattered the glass of the gorilla exhibit's enclosure. Caesar stepped out and took out Silk's men in short order. Silk tried to flee but Vixen used the cheetah's ashe and cut him off then punched him out. The police arrested him. Dr. Vargas' testimony was critical in shutting down his global smuggling operations and netted her immunity for her previous crimes.