August 25, 2015
Launches on CW Seed

New Reich

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Real Identity: Various
Appearances (Freedom Fighters: The Ray): Episode 1
Powers/Skills: Military Training
Voiced By:

In a reality designated Earth-X, the Axis Powers won World War II. Adolf Hitler established the New Reich after the war as the planet's ruling government.

Forces were dispatched to Tulsa. The city was left in ruins. A soldier issued a final warning. In return for the undesireables, they would release the city standing but if they resisted, they would destroy everything. A team from the Freedom Fighters arrived and held off the New Reich in an effort to give the refugees time to escape to safety. The Ray blew up two tanks then landed by the others. Ray, Red Tornado, and Black Condor made short work of more tanks after Ray took out a gunner blocking access to a bridge. Doll Man and Phantom Lady took cover from enemy fire on a bridge. After a tank blasted a girder, Phantom Lady used her shadow manipulation on the soldiers then picked them off one by one. Doll Man shrank and went into the tank's turret then took out the Reich soldiers inside. To their surprise, the New Reich retreated. However, the New Reichsmen appeared. Overgirl, Black Arrow, and Blitzkrieg killed Doll Man and Red Tornado went into system failure. The Ray was fatally wounded but Vibe sent him through a breach with Tornado's Neuro-Cortex.