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Real Identity: Kuasa
Appearances: Episode 2, Episode 4, Episode 5, Episode 6, Episode 9, Episode 10, Episode 11, Episode 12 (Flashback), and The Movie
Powers/Skills: Wields Water Totem
Voiced By: Anika Noni Rose

Kuasa was a resident of Zambesi in M'Changa Province, Africa. At age four, Kuasa was selected to become the village's next guardian and inherit the Spirit Totem, succeeding her mother. One day, a local warlord sent his men to raid the village. Kuasa watched as her father was gunned down. Her mother fled Zambesi with the totem and her infant sister. Despite the village being burned to ash and cinder, Kuasa still believed it was her sacred obligation to protect it. Without the totem, she struck bargains with others who also craved its power to keep the village as is. She kept track of the Anansi Totems until a time she could return them home. Some time after December 2013, Kuasa learned her sister Mari McCabe was in Detroit and still had the totem. She hired three gang bangers in Detroit to attack Mari McCabe and steal the totem off her. They failed. The totem sensed Kuasa, activated, and bonded to McCabe. In a fortunate turn of events, McCabe turned to Professor Macalester, one of Kuasa's associates, for his expertise on the totem. After McCabe left, Macalester called Kuasa and reported to her.

Kuasa agreed to fully fund his next expedition for his help in getting the totem. When Macalester inquired about McCabe, Kuasa stated she wanted her alive for the time being. Kuasa and two of her men later forced their way into Macalester's office. She admitted to trying to be more subtle but was forced to be more direct. Kuasa demanded to totem from McCabe or one of her men would kill her. McCabe only wanted to know about where it came from but realized she couldn't remove it. Kuasa declared they would remove it from her corpse. McCabe turned to camouflage and tried to sneak out the window but Kuasa glimpsed her. Kuasa's men shot at her as she leaped to another roof. One of the shots clipped her shoulder. Kuasa took McCabe back with her to Zambesi. When McCabe woke up, Kuasa admitted they were sisters then told the history of the village. Unwilling to sever the connection to the totem, McCabe tried to flee but was recaptured.

Kuasa took a spider, considered the true form of the trickster god Anansi, and had it bite McCabe. Soon after, Kuasa was able to remove the totem. Kuasa returned to the village and enthralled several followers. She was surprised to see McCabe survived the plains. McCabe wanted back the stolen totem but Kuasa reiterated the totem was hers by right. The Animal Spirits appeared and chased down her followers. Kuasa declared she was the "She-Spirit" and fought McCabe. To her annoyance, Kuasa's arm was wounded when McCabe threw a stick at her. Her elephant form knocked McCabe into a table. She summoned the cheetah and bit McCabe's shoulder but McCabe in turn slammed the spider on her open wound. McCabe believed the poison would spread faster when exposed directly to the bloodstream. Kuasa summoned the gorilla but the form faded. Kuasa couldn't believe what was happening and stammered the totem was hers. McCabe corrected her and stated it belonged to their family. Kuasa claimed it wasn't over but McCabe knocked her out with an uppercut then took back the totem.

The poison affected the magic at Kuasa's disposal and it turned on her. She became "hollow" and lived out her days in a hospital in Zambesi. One year later, she was visited by McCabe and Macalester. After arguing semantics about who was justified, Kuasa was asked by Macalester if she knew Eshu and showed her a photo on his phone. She knew exactly who he was. Kuasa revealed Eshu was the general who led the raid on their home village. McCabe then revealed Eshu had the Fire Totem and asked if there was a way to sever the link. Kuasa admitted that kind of information was passed on through spoken word and song but was lost over time. Macalester recalled the University archives contained a collection of stories and poems from the region. Kuasa suggested a more direct approach, to use the Water Totem on the Fire Totem. Macalester admitted he had no idea where it was but Kuasa claimed she did. In exchange for helping them find it, Kuasa wanted to join the fray.

Vixen and Kuasa went to Star City, where the Water Totem was kept in someone's collection. Vixen used her totem's abilities to easily infiltrate the estate and befriend the resident guard dogs. Kuasa never wanted to feel so weak again and took the Water Totem for herself. She set off the security system in the skirmish with Vixen then jumped out a window. They battled on the roof until police arrived. Kuasa shoved Vixen off the roof with a water blast then fled into the city. Vixen soon caught up, forcing Kuasa to send waves after her. However, Vixen anticipated Kuasa's treachery. The Atom grabbed Kuasa and lifted her off the ground. She wriggled free but Black Canary leaped into the fray and swatted Kuasa with her staff. Kuasa admitted defeat. Vixen revealed she still wanted Kuasa's help against Eshu and that Atom and Black Canary would also aid them. Felicity Smoak came on comms and informed them that Eshu was on a rampage in Detroit. Vixen appealed to Kuasa to avenge their father's murder and their village's destruction. Kuasa accepted Vixen's plea.

After Eshu defeated Black Canary and The Atom, Kuasa attacked. She vowed to drown him for his crimes. Vixen attempted to attack in tandem. Kuasa engulfed Eshu in water and tried to kill him but he overpowered it with his fire and released a powerful blast. Kuasa barely put up a defense in time. She ignored Vixen's plea and refused to run away like their mother did so many years ago. The fire overtook her and Kuasa was killed, seemingly vaporized.