Mr. Jones

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Real Identity: Mr. Jones
Appearances: Episode 8 and The Movie
Powers/Skills: Theft and Above Average Agility
Voiced By: Trevor Devall

Mr. Jones was hired by Eshu to steal gemstones from the Detroit Museum of Natural History. During the night, he lowered down onto the Fire Totem's display and used a glass cutter to easily steal it. He jumped to the next display, expertly dodging the infrared laser grid, and stole other gemstones. The next night, Jones met with Eshu. Annoyed with a pat down from one of Eshu's men, Jones wanted his payment. Eshu assured him he wasn't going to haggle. Jones demanded $100,000. He obliged Eshu and let him inspect the stones. Eshu recognized the Fire Totem and brushed the rest off his desk. Jones was angered and collared Eshu, again demanding payment. Eshu activated the totem and lit Jones on fire. He fell out an open window to his death, eventually landing on a roof top.