Benatu Eshu

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Real Identity: Benatu Eshu
Appearances: Episode 7, Episode 8, Episode 9, Episode 10, Episode 11, Episode 12, and The Movie
Powers/Skills: Pyrokinesis
Voiced By: Hakeem Kae-Kazim

Benatu Eshu is one of many in search of the Lost Totems of Zambesi and had scoured all of Africa in vain. He craved dominance over all things. He was a general working for a warlord and led the raid on a village in M'Changa Province. He found Esi Jiwe and demanded the Spirit Totem. She refused and defended herself, even using the power of the elephant. Eshu got in a few strikes with his machete. Esi nearly lost her life but chose to flee the village with her second daughter and the totem rather than die fighting Eshu and his men. Two weeks after Professor Macalester debuted one of the Lost Totems of Zambesi, it was stolen by a thief named Mr. Jones who was hired by Eshu. Eshu arrived in Detroit from Zambesi as an ambassador. Jones wanted $100,000. Eshu asked to inspect the stolen gemstones first. He immediately recognized the Fire Totem and put it on. He pushed the others off his desk. Jones was irate and grabbed Eshu by the collar demanding his money. The Fire Totem activated and Eshu lit Jones on fire. Jones plummeted out an open window onto a rooftop down below.

Before he could revel in having the totem, Vixen confronted Eshu and his men. He remarked she looked just like her mother. Confused by his cryptic statement, Vixen avoided his attacks and slashed at him. Eshu generated a flame blast and knocked Vixen out of the building. She used a feline ability to safely land on a roof. Eshu followed. Eshu remarked his search led him to two of the five totems in one evening. Vixen demanded to know who he was and how he knew her mother. He continued blasting at her. Vixen jumped down a floor and landed on a dinner table. She yelled at all the patrons and staff to run way. Eshu jumped down and continued. He promised they could still part on good terms if she surrendered her totem. Naturally, she didn't believe him and attempted to squeeze him with the power of a boa constrictor but failed. She was hit in the back and fell over into a swimming pool. She summoned a fish and hid at the bottom of the pool until Eshu gave up and left.

Mari McCabe went to Macalester for any information that she could use to defeat Eshu. He believed Kuasa had knowledge of the totem's magic and could help. They found her in Africa and inquired. Kuasa recognized Eshu and told them about his role in the destruction of their village and family. McCabe then asked if there was something that could sever the link between Eshu and the Fire Totem. She was unsure but suggested a more direct approach, use the Water Totem. Just as Vixen and Kuasa secured the totem in Star City, Eshu went on a rampage in Detroit using the Fire Totem. He used his phone to broadcast an ultimatum across Detroit. He stated he was no longer a representative of the Zambesi government then promised pain, destruction, and fire would rain down on the city until he got the Spirit Totem. He descended and fought Vixen, the Atom, and Black Canary. He batted Canary down the neighborhood with her own staff.

Next, Eshu punched then blasted Atom into a building. Eshu gloated after Vixen rammed her with the spirit of a bull. He was not impressed with what she could conjure with the Spirit Totem. Kuasa joined the battle and continously blasted him with water. She then tried to engulf him in water and drown him but Eshu suddenly vaporized the water and unleashed a powerful fire blast. Kuasa barely drew up a defense but refused to run away like her mother did. Soon, the flames took her life. Eshu promised to break Vixen's spirit then kill her. Their battle raged on. Eshu repeated she couldn't stop him because she was weak and pathetic, not worthy of the Spirit Totem. Eventually, they took their battle to the skies. Vixen tackled Eshu off the side of a building onto a pier. Vixen noticed the water reacting to Eshu and used a hippo spirit to crush the pier and sink them underwater. She summoned an octopus spirit and took the Fire Totem off Eshu. She sprang to the surface and handed the totem off to Professor Macalester.

Eshu pulled Vixen underwater and tried to drown her. Vixen summoned an electric eel and got free then a crocodile spirit. It clamped on his shoulder and spun him around then Vixen took him out with a roundhouse kick. Eshu sunk further underwater. Vixen returned to the surface. Macalester instructed her to use great strength to break the Fire Totem's spirit in order to sever the bond with Eshu. Vixen used multiple animal spirits at once and reduced the totem to pieces. It was returned to Detroit Museum.