Alfred Pennyworth

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Real Identity: Alfred Pennyworth
Appearances: The Bat in the Belfry, Traction, Call of the Cobblepot, The Man Who Would Be Bat, The Big Chill, The Cat and The Bat, The Big Heat, Q&A, Big Dummy, Topsy Turvy, Bird of Prey, The Rubber Face of Comedy, The Clay Face of Tragedy, The Cat, The Bat, and The Ugly, JTV, Swamped, Pets, The Butler Did It, Fire and Ice, Ragdolls to Riches, Strange Minds, Grundy's Night, The Laughing Bat, Night and the City, The Batman VS Dracula, Batgirl Begins Part One, Part Two, A Dark Knight to Remember, A Fistful of Felt, RPM, Brawn, Fleurs Du Mal, Cash for Toys, Thunder, The Icy Depths, Gotham's Ultimate Criminal Mastermind, A Matter of Family, Team Penguin, The Everywhere Man, Strange New World, Artifacts, Seconds, The Joining Part One, Part Two, Vertigo, White Heat, A Mirror Darkly, Joker Express, Ring Toss, The End of The Batman, and What Goes Up...
Skills: Advice, Chauffeur, Espionage, Medic and Mechanic
Voiced By: Alastair Duncan

Born and raised in England, Alfred Pennyworth followed in his mother's footsteps as a theater actor instead of becoming a butler for the Wayne Family in Gotham City like his father and grandfather for the Cobblepot Family in England. After graduating from school, he parted ways with friends and classmates such as Ewan Fripp and Pennyworth entered the British military where he was given basic medical training. After quitting the service, Pennyworth became engaged with younger woman only to find out she cheated on him. When his father passed away, Alfred decided to fulfill his father's obligation and became family butler to Thomas and Martha Wayne, just as their son Bruce was born.

When Thomas and Martha Wayne were murdered, Pennyworth was the one who was called to pick up Bruce from the Gotham Police Department headquarters and vowed to never leave his side again. He and a family friend, Lucius Fox, did their best to raise Bruce. Pennyworth did his best to prevent Bruce from falling into the darkness of guilt over his parents' deaths and acted as a surrogate father. He shared in Wayne's desire for justice and willingly went along with Wayne's plan. Pennyworth covers for him when the world needs the Batman (even if it means dressing up as the Batman), helps maintain the Bat Cave, and is a constant source of advice and inspiration.

In year three of the Batman's career, he began to observe that the constant absence of Bruce Wayne in Gotham's social circles would attract unwanted attention. As a result, Pennyworth encouraged Wayne to become an active force in various social causes. Pennyworth has, himself, attracted unwanted attention over the years. He was often the prisoner of the Penguin, hypnotized by the Spellbinder, and the center piece of D.A.V.E.'s death trap. The many cases of the Batman has hardened Pennyworth to a point where very little surprises him anymore, even the threat of an alien invasion or meeting a Martian. Pennyworth, however, does have a few pet peeves. He appears to dislike not being notified of guests in the Batcave.

As a second figure of authority within the Bat Family, Pennyworth has advised Barbara Gordon and Dick Grayson to disobey the Batman every so often as a way of solving a case. Even the Batman overlooks some aspects. Pennyworth is still in service in 2027, although with the aid of a cane.