Centauri Police

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Affiliation(s): Centauri Empire
Appearances: Sisters and Betrothed
Powers/Skills: Tendril Extension, Law Enforcement, Tracking, and Unarmed Combat
Voiced By: Rino Romano (Kai) and David Sobolov (Cron)

The humanoid race known as the Centauri Empire emerged long before the dawn of mankind. A sudden technological revolution pushed the Centauri to aggressively expand over their planet and to several others before stopping. The republic-style government was slowly overrun by an empire.

Centuries later, the Centauri Empire continues to exist. After being slighted by Blackfire, the Empire dispatched two of their police officers, Kai and Cron to apprehend and return to their homeworld for prosecution. They tracked the Tamaranian to Earth with drones and attempted to capture her only to have them destroyed. The duo personally landed on Earth to arrest Blackfire but took Starfire, instead. The Teen Titans rectified the situation and Blackfire was taken into custody.

Some time later, after Blackfire became Grand Ruler of Tamaran, several aliens were imprisoned underground. One prisoner was a Centauri. It is most likely they were all law enforcement agents that previously hunted her across the galaxy.