Universe Tree

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Real Identity: Universe Tree
Appearances: Staff Meeting, Little Buddies, and Some of Their Parts
Powers/Skills: Accumulated Wisdom and Knowledge
Voiced By: Khary Payton

The Universe Tree, also known as the Magic Tree of Elderioth, has existed since the beginning of time and bestowed its wisdom and knowledge to 3000 men. It can speak in many languages, including those known only to demons and fairy folk. He was at a loss when his latest visitor, Robin, missed the point of his journey to attain a new staff and began chopping him down with an axe then a chainsaw. The Universe Tree's plea to stop was unheard. The tree's soul transferred to the piece of wood Robin removed from its nose. Robin managed to appeal to the Universe Tree to see the world and hit people instead of carrying on its boring existence. The two instantly bonded upon defeating two Magical Tree Custodians. However, as soon as Cyborg presented Robin with his old staff, the Universe Tree was thrown away. Beast Boy decided to use him as a toilet plunger. He later took part in the Little Buddy Showdown but was lit on fire by Pain Bot.

At some point, Universe Tree was tossed into Beast Boy's box of mementos from missions over the years. Beast Boy forgot about it and later rediscovered it. Universe Tree was grateful for being let out and promised to grant immortality. Robin lost interest and tossed him aside.