Wally T

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Real Identity: Walter William Thompson
Appearances: Wally T
Powers/Skills: Superhero Empowerment
Voiced By: Walter William Thompson

Wally T is the number one of the Teen Titans (and also the only one). Beast Boy and Cyborg brought him into the Titans Tower to hang out. Everytime his name was said, Cyborg and Beast Boy would repeat. Robin was suspicious and tested Wally by holding out a poster for Teen Titans and Teen Titans Go then asked him which he liked. Wally pointed to the Teen Titans poster. Beast Boy wasn't surprised. Neither was Cyborg considering the difference in animation. Robin didn't care as long as Wally didn't think they were garbage. Wally shrugged. That was good enough for Robin and he carried Wally around on his shoulders. Starfire and Raven were also smitten with him. Raven explains fans give superheroes their strength literally because their admiration and support creates an energy wave that fuels them. Robin decided to give Wally an all access tour of the tower. While they were in the bathroom, a crime alert came up. The Titans took Wally with them to the city to face Gizmo and his robot army.

With Wally around, the Titans' powers increased. Robin became insanely muscular, Starfire's eye lasers became gigantic, Raven could conjure a giant shadow monster, Cyborg could change into a tank, and Beast Boy could take on a more powerful dinosaur form. Gizmo's army didn't stand a chance. Robin was impressed and wanted more fans. The others agreed despite Raven's warning they could alienate and lose the one fan they had. They returned to the tower and conducted focus testing on Wally. After showing him various images of the Titans, Robin concluded Wally liked Raven's legs, waffles, Starfire saying "the" before every single word, Raven's sour puss attitude, and Robin being made the butt of all jokes. The Titans tried to recreate all of Wally's favorites but ended up with no fans. Unable to reflect on their terrible actions, the Titans raced to the city to face Gizmo and his army again and were crushed under the heel of his robot.

Wally T, surrounded in a golden aura, floating down from the sky. He admitted he would always love them, especially Raven, like a true fan and lent his power to the Titans again. They absorbed the golden energy wave and unleashed a monstrous blast, decimating Gizmo's army. Starfire hugged him and Raven gave him a kiss on the cheek. As a token of their appreciation, the Titans sang Wally a new song in his honor.