Two O'Clock

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Real Identity: Two O'Clock
Appearances: Titan Saving Time
Powers/Skills: Time Management
Voiced By: Tara Strong

As part of an annual revenge plot for people eating their vegetables, the farmers came up with Daylight Saving Time. With Daylight unable to come to the rescue, a farmer would kidnap Two from his cubicle right before he started his shift at 1:59 am. The Teen Titans noticed an active crime scene in their living room that led to a slightly open vent. They suspected a farmer overpowered Two with his pitch fork and took him away. Starfire vowed they would rescue Two in place of Daylight. They tracked Two to the middle of a corn field at the MacDonald Farm. Starfire freed him but Beast Boy grabbed an ear of corn. Old MacDonald seized Two back and sent his animals and dog Bingo after the Titans. Luckily, the fight took long enough for sunrise. Daylight emerged from the clouds and saved the Titans and Two. He knocked out MacDonald and Bingo then flew off with Two.