Santa's Elves

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Real Identity: Various
Appearances: The True Meaning of Christmas, The Teen Titans Go Easter Holiday Classic, Halloween v Christmas, and The Streak: Pt 2
Powers/Skills: Various
Voiced By: Hynden Walch, Khary Payton (Elf Boss), Scott Menville (Elf Security Guard)

Santa Claus is aided by elves at his home and workshop in the North Pole. Some don't just make toys. One serves as the boss at the toy factory. Two muscular elves named Jingle and Jangle act as security guards. One elf guards the door of the room that holds the Naughty List. The Teen Titans went to the North Pole, after they went through three Christmas holidays without getting presents, to erase their names from the Naughty List. They beat up five elves and stole their clothes. Eventually, they were found out by security and taken to Santa, who caught Robin trying to alter the Naughty List after he neutralized an elf guard with a blow dart. Several elves dressed up as mummies with Santa for Halloween and went to Jump City. Frankenstein's arms punched out the two burly elves, Wolf Man slashed up some of the little elves, Cyborg blasted one, and Beast Boy crushed another as a gorilla.