Alfred Pennyworth

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Real Identity: Alfred Pennyworth
Appearances: TV Knight 2, Mo' Money Mo' Problems, and TV Knight 3
Powers/Skills: Party Detection
Voiced By: Not Applicable

Alfred Pennyworth is Bruce Wayne's butler for 40 years. He promptly put Batman and Commissioner Gordon to bed during their slumber party, turned off the lights in the Batcave, and left. Batman and Gordon continued and watched TV then got into a pillow fight. Pennyworth investigated but they pretended to be asleep. He closed the door. They fought again. He checked again and they were asleep. This continued a few more times, even with Batman sleeping in his bag upside down. Pennyworth became frustrated and left. The Joker and Penguin joined the party later into the night. Penguin fell into the Batcave. Pennyworth checked and saw Batman and Gordon asleep. After a close inspection, he left and the party continued. He later caught them while Gordon did an impression of Two-Face at 11:15 pm. He called up Mrs. Gordon to take her son home then took the remote away from Batman.

During a tour of Wayne Manor, the Titans noticed Alfred Pennyworth was following them. They mistook him as a businessman late for his meeting. Robin couldn't convince them otherwise and dismissed him for the day to go to his meeting. Pennyworth put on a hat, got out his suitcase, and left. Pennyworth returned in the evening and was enraged to see it being sacked by Catwoman, Penguin, Joker, Riddler, and Poison Ivy. He tossed a silver plate into Riddler's head, drank tea and let Penguin run into his fist, threw the tea cup into Catwoman's eye, smacked Joker with a brush, then sprayed, wiped then kicked Ivy's face. The Titans declared Robin was right that money was just a vice but he disagreed. He cited it was thanks to money that the butler saved the day and if you were rich, there were no consequences for your terrible actions. He rang a bell and asked Pennyworth to clean everything up before Batman came home. He drop kicked Robin.

Batman returned to the Batcave one night and was about to start watching television but Alfred Pennyworth, Superman, Wonder Woman, and Aquaman appeared and threw him a suprise birthday party. Batman gave it a thumb's up and went back to watching television. Superman was hurt. As Pennyworth readied the birthday cake, Superman tried to take Batman's remote away. He ended up destroying it with heat vision. Batman pulled another remote from his Bat Remotes pouch on the utility belt. Superman lifted the couch up and placed it near the others. He tried to feed Batman cake in vain. Batman pulled out a bat-shaped console and continued watching television. Superman flew away crying. Pennyworth slapped the remote away then pointed to Superman. Batman groaned then consoled him. Superman revealed his Super Suprise Plan to throw Batman a party to become his Best Friend Forever. Batman fired a grapnel into the bathroom. Wonder Woman punched through the door and pulled Batman outside to open presents.

Batman didn't like anything. Superman presented a tall present and revealed Commissioner Gordon was in it. Gordon presented a golden remote then Superman showed off Batman's new giant multi-screened HD television. They all sat and enjoyed themselves. Except Pennyworth, who didn't quite get what was so funny.