Michael's Family

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Real Identity: Albert Jelenic
Appearances: The Self-Indulgent 200th Episode Spectacular! Pt 1
Voiced By: Himself

Robin collected information and the creators of the Teen Titans Go! cartoon, Michael and Aaron, then led the Teen Titans to San Pedro where Michael was from. They knocked on a door and met his father, Albert. Albert introduced himself then his three dogs Puno, Tutu, and Louis and a cat named Zoli and a pigeon. Cyborg asked what the pigeon's name was but Albert questioned why you would name a pigeon. He asked them if they were hungry and invited them in for shrimps and prime rib but they just wanted to know where Michael was. Albert called out for Michael but got no reply then asked what the problem was. The Titans told him they found out they weren't real. Albert tried to tell them about turning make-believe real and talked about how Michael wanted to be a writer and made that fantasy real instead of becoming a longshoreman at the docks but they couldn't understand what he was saying. Albert asked why Aaron's name came before his son's in the credits. Raven speculated Aaron did more work. He mistook Raven calling Michael lazy. He whistled and set his pets after them. They ran away. He told them to come back for shrimp and prime ribs.