Michael and Aaron

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Real Identity: Michael Jelenic and Aaron Horvath
Appearances: The Self-Indulgent 200th Episode Spectacular! Pt 2, Kabooms Pt: 2, and The Fight
Powers/Skills: Writing
Voiced By: Themselves

Michael and Aaron chose not to write the 200th episode of Teen Titans Go! after a very aggressive schedule of nonstop work. As a result, the Teen Titans and their world started to fade away. The Titans crossed over and found Michael and Aaron at Hum-Drum's Diner eating sour dough loaves and big sandwiches. The Titans were underwhelmed they were the ones that controlled their destiny. Michael and Aaron countered it was the other way around. Their whole lieves revolved around the Titans and they made one episode a week for 199 weeks. Cyborg asked what could be better than making them. Aaron replied he would spend more time with his son and daughter. Aaron stated the Titans would live on forever as reruns. Michael pointed out there was also the comics. Robin got an idea to write an episode about Michael and Aaron writing the 200th episode and then they would continue to exist. Michael and Aaron weren't interested nor cared but agreed to it. The Titans went with Raven's pitch about how Michael and Aaron eat too many vegetables and every time they think of an idea, they fart.

After an issue with drive-on passes, Michael and Aaron did a recording session. Robin asked them to sound less grating and more pleasant. Michael pointed out that's how they talked. The Titans repeatedly told them to speak louder. Michael felt his throat bleeding and Aaron fainted. The Titans failed to make a good episode and returned to the diner. Aaron hoped they could understand where they were coming from. Robin made another plea that they were as much a part of them as they were a part of them. Michael cited the nonstop schedule would just start again. Aaron cited they would only do it if they could put themselves and their families in the episode but concluded it was too self-indulgent. Michael and Aaron eventually realized they were forever connected to the Titans and starting writing again. The Titans returned to existence.

Michael and Aaron came up again when Raven explained what "creative differences" were to the Titans before they set out to make their own movie. She stated creative people were oversensitive babies so when they have conflicting ideas, they get really mad at each other. Robin felt that would only make the movie better. Raven feared it would lead to them never working with each other again. Beast Boy and Cyborg volunteered to be the writers. Cyborg didn't think it was hard and thought writers just hung out at coffee shops pretending to look busy like Michael and Aaron. Beast Boy thought they did it to get free Wi-Fi. Michael and Aaron were in Jump City when the Titans stopped Brother Blood's latest weapon of mass destruction.