Ghosts of Black Friday Present

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Real Identity: Unknown
Appearances: Black Friday
Powers/Skills: Flight, Portal Generation, and Time Travel
Voiced By: Greg Cipes and Khary Payton

The Ghosts of Black Friday Present visited Starfire in the parking lot of Jump City Electronics while she slept in the back of the line. She heard upbeat music coming from an orange van and approached it. The ghosts, looking like Beast Boy and Cyborg, greeted her and invited her inside to get to know them better. Starfire was transported to a theme park centered around burgers and burritos. They offered her some to eat and revealed because they bought one, they got infinity for free. The one resembling Cyborg declared if Black Friday lives in your heart, any deal is possible. They then showed Starfire what she was missing and returned to the present. Beast Boy gave his coffee to Raven and Cyborg kept Robin warm while they waited in line. The ghosts repeatedly asked her if she was sure she wanted to spend time bonding with them on Black Friday. Starfire pleaded with them to stop. She awoke as others in line ran into the store.