Freaky Face

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Real Identity: Freaky Face
Appearances: Booty Scooty
Powers/Skills: Above Average Strength
Voiced By: Scott Menville

At some point, Robin encountered Freaky Face, a violent and unpredicatable freak of nature, and chained him up in a cave under the Titans Tower. He bought the most expensive chains, kept the TV on the same channel 24 hours 7 days a week, and once a day left some food just out of his reach. For some reason, he became angry. Robin introduced the other Titans to Freaky on the way to a super dangerous adventure to find a treasure and save their tower from being turned into a shopping mall at the hands of some rich land barons. Beast Boy believed Freaky just needed a friend. Freaky smelled the turnip Beast Boy kept in his pocket and asked for it. He happily munched on the turnip and shared with Beast Boy. However, it was his last one. Freaky angrily ripped the chain off and chased the Titans. They managed to lose him deeper in the caves and came across a piano made of human bones.

Further along, they found the ladder leading to the living room of the tower. Robin tried to inspire them with a speech but they still wanted to go back. He lit the ladder on fire. Freaky Face caught up to them. They ran for it but fell off a thin chasm onto a natural spring and landed in a graveyard of ships and sea monsters guarded by a giant octopus. After failing to secure the treasure, Robin opted to just sell the treasure map. Beast Boy revealed he brought Freaky Face into the tower and kept him happy with turnips. Cyborg cited the tower rules and Freaky had to do the Booty Scooty dance in order to stay. Freaky objected at first then complied. Beast Boy hugged Freaky and told him he loved him. Freaky replied, "That's what's up!"