Fall Out Boy

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Real Identity: Joe Trohman, Patrick Stump, Andy Hurley, and Pete Wentz
Appearances: Chapter One: I Saw You Dance, Chapter Three: Playing Hard to Get, and Chapter Four: The Night Begins to Shine
Powers/Skills: Musical Aptitude
Voiced By: Themselves

Fall Out Boy is an America rock band who formed in 2001 and hails from Chicago. Starting out as a pop punk project, they attained commercial success. Just as Fall Out Boy prepared to start a recording session, the Teen Titans broke in from outside. Before Joe could finish asking who let them in, Raven asked them hear their request. Beast Boy explained they needed their help to perform the magic song "The Night Begins to Shine" to open a door to an alernate dimension and save Cyborg from an evil dragon. Pete keyed in on "magic song" and felt validated they existed. Patrick and Andy weren't pleased it was brought up. Beast Boy promised they would turn into a giant robot or something if they played the song. Pete was psyched but Patrick was skeptical. Joe asked if Batman was involved. Robin nervously confirmed he might make an appearance. Andy didn't believe him for a second. Pete tried to convince the others to sing the song but they wouldn't. Patrick stated they made their own magic, the way every band does. Pete pouted.

Cyborg's pulse reached Fall Out Boy. Patrick and Joe started to suddenly sing "The Night Begins to Shine" even though they didn't know it. Pete knew it had to be the magic song. They all suddenly sang it. A portal opened and pulled them in. They were transformed into laser blasting vehicles, two cars, a van, and a helicopter. Their cover of "The Night Begins to Shine" played as they arrived. A giant centipede rose from the ground and fired at them. Fall Out Boy returned fire. The centipede charged them. They drove out of the way and united to form Fall Out Bot. They clocked it with a right punch but the centipede fired a mouth laser then wrapped around Fall Out Bot. Fall Out Bot fired eye lasers at it and got free. The centipede curled into a ball and charged again. Fall Out Boy formed a giant sword and sliced the centipede in half. The Dragon drained the song out of CeeLo Bear and Fall Out Bot. They watched, with the Teen Titans, as B.E.R. took a stand and summoned Sweet, a giant woman robot, and Cyborg complete the prophecy by defeating the Dragon.