Easter Bunny

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Real Identity: Unknown
Appearances: The Teen Titans Go! Easter Holiday Classic, and Easter Creeps, and Thanksgetting
Powers/Skills: Magic
Voiced By: Scott Menville

The Easter Bunny is a mythical being who hides a variety of Easter eggs for people every Easter Sunday. He is actually a half-man, half-rabbit and lays the eggs. He goes to great lengths to hide the eggs in plain sight such as leaving some poking out from behind bushes, sitting inside the groove of a tire swing, or lying in not so tall grass.

One Easter, the Teen Titans discovered not a single egg was laid in their yard. They feared foul play and set off to find him before Easter was ruined. However, they had no idea where he lived. They returned to Jump City. Robin rounded up a few known holiday associates of his - George Washington for President's Day, Cupid for Valentine's Day, Leprechaun for St. Patrick's Day, and Turkey for Thanksgiving. They knew nothing. The Titans paid a visit to Santa Claus. Santa shared a rumor he heard that the Easter Bunny went insane. Santa volunteered to deliver Easter Eggs in his place. As Starfire admired the Easter egg's holiday designs, Robin realized Santa kidnapped the Easter Bunny and wanted to take over the holiday. The Titans returned to the North Pole and found several holiday representatives locked up. They released Washington, Turkey, Cupid, and Leprechaun to battle Santa. Once Santa was captured, the Titans released the Easter Bunny. He declared "Happy Easter" and laid an egg. The Titans were disgusted, even Starfire who correctly guessed the true nature of the Easter Bunny.

A year later, the Easter Bunny emerged from a tree stump and began laying and hiding eggs throughout Jump City to everyone's disgust. He hopped into Santa Claus, who wanted to try and take over Easter again. Robin had a hunch Santa would make another attempt. The Titans emerged from their stake out spot in a dumpster and defeated Santa. They were surrounded by the Thanksgiving Turkey, Baby Cupid, George Washington, and Halloween Spirit. The Titans tried to implore the Easter Bunny to stand up for himself but he was a pacifist at heart and only wanted to hop around and lay his eggs. He laid five more and handed them to the Titans. The Tooth Fairy also noticed he wasn't giving chocolate eggs out anymore and therefore she wasn't getting as much teeth. She came up with a plan to take over Easter herself. For the chocolate eggs, she would get all the teeth she wanted. Unable to defeat the Tooth Fairy, the Titans located the Easter Bunny and convinced him to try to learn how to defend himself. They returned to the Titans Tower for training to see how much work was ahead for them.

They soon discovered he was a weakling in addition to being creepy. They opted to give him a makeover to make him look like he could fight and transformed him into a respectable gentleman. He ordered the Tooth Fairy to step off his holiday but the two soon were attracted to each other's unconventional beauty and fell in love. They shared the holiday and spreed cheer throughout the city. They decided to start a family and Junior hatched from one of his eggs. The Titans were disgusted.