Cupid Baby

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances: Be Mine, The Teen Titans Go Easter Holiday Classic, Halloween v Christmas, and Easter Creeps
Powers/Skills: Marksmanship
Voiced By:

In celebration of Valentine's Day, Starfire introduced the Cupid Baby to the other Teen Titans. Cupid Baby immediately shot up Robin with arrows. Later, at the Valentine's Day party, Cupid shot Raven and distracted her long enough for Terra to crush her with a boulder.

Cupid was rounded up by Robin as one of the Easter Bunny's known holiday associates. Robin, Beast Boy, and Cyborg interrogated him but he could only giggle. He readied his crossbow and fired love arrows at them. The trio lost focus and fell madly in love with each other. Cupid had no information and was let go, only to be kidnapped by Santa Claus, who wanted to take over the entire holiday calendar. Cupid was one of the holiday representatives released by Raven to battle Santa. Cupid Baby and Turkey flew towards Santa but Cupid was frozen by Santa's frosty breath. On Halloween, after Santa rejected Presidents' Day, Raven offered him St. Patrick's Day and Valentine's Day, dropping the Leprechaun and Cupid out of a sack. He declined.

Cupid Baby teamed up with Thanksgiving Turkey, George Washington, and Halloween Spirit to steal Easter from the Easter Bunny. They surrounded the Teen Titans after they banished Santa Claus. Starfire simply took away Cupid's crossbow. He lost his balance and cried.