Cool Rollerblading Dudes

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Real Identity: Randy and Chip
Appearances: Finally a Lesson and Rad Dudes with Bad Tudes
Powers/Skills: Rollerblading
Voiced By: Scott Menville (Chip), Khary Payton (Randy)

There are three rollerbladers in Jump City, probably in college and super popular, who are the raddest dues with bad tudes. Beast Boy became friends with the trio of cool rollerblading dudes. He even got a tattoo on his arm to celebrate they were "BFFs" and forgot who his real friends were. After blowing off the other Teen Titans to hang out, Beast Boy was apprehensive about joining the dudes in spray painting graffiti in an alley. The leader called Beast Boy a nerd for not participating. They rolled out. The leader sprayed Beast Boy in the face. The other Titans comforted Beast Boy but Robin appeared and declared it was the most boring and obvious lesson ever. He proceeded to teach them about rental properties. The Titans successfully bought a rundown building, chased out their rent controlled tenant supervillains and raised the rent back to market value. The cool skateboarding dudes saw there was apartments for rent and put up the cash. They rolled in and hang up their skates and chill.

Randy and Chip won the Demon's Tongue race every year and retained their bad attitude. They did not take kindly to Robin, who was dazzled by their rad skills. He became rad, himself, and accepted their challenge to race them at Demon's Tongue. Robin even psyched Randy. During the race, Randy and Chip's friend lost early on to a hurdle. During a descent, one of Chip's blades was damaged. Instead of helping, Robin let him roll off a cliff to his doom. Only Robin and Randy were left. Randy likewise met his demise at the flame geyser after Robin shoved him to the left. As they were carted off into an ambulance, Robin gloated over his victory and shoved the trophy in their face. The ambulance departed with them.