Christopher the Rain Cloud

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Real Identity: Christopher
Appearances: TV Knight 2
Powers/Skills: Rain Dispersal
Voiced By: Peter Rida Michail

In an episode of "Pretty, Pretty Pegasus", Butterbean and Sparkle discovered Christopher the Rain Cloud was lingering over the latest season of cotton candy and unknowingly threatened to flood the crops. Butterbean and Sparkle wondered who would help them. Raven inexplicably teleported into the show and spoke to Christopher on their behalf. Raven tried to get him to stop. Christopher eventually stopped laughing and noticed her. He insisted he was just a happy rain cloud and was doing what clouds do. Raven tried to tell him he was making a mess. He noticed she forgot to say "please". She started over and introduced herself. Raven showed him what was happening down below. Christopher felt bad and took a piece out of his body and gave it to them to try. It was the best cotton candy they ever tasted. Christopher planted his cotton candy and saved the season. Butterbean, Sparkle, and Raven cheered. Christopher was happy again and accidentally rained again. He quickly apologized.