CeeLo Green

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Real Identity: Thomas DeCarlo Callaway
Appearances: Chapter One: I Saw You Dance, Chapter Three: Playing Hard to Get, and Chapter Four: The Night Begins to Shine
Powers/Skills: Musical Aptitude
Voiced By: Himself

CeeLo Green is an American performing artist best known for his soul music. He was part of a Southern hip hop group named Goodie Mob (part of Atlanta rap collective the Dungeon Family) and one half of the soul duo Gnarls Barkley who rose to fame with their single "Crazy". CeeLo eventually went solo as well as collaborate with other artists, act, and take part in business ventures. While CeeLo warmed up, in his dressing room, for another performance, the Teen Titans broke in. CeeLo inquired who let them backstage but they tried to make small talk and give him props. Raven explained they needed his help to perform the magic song "The Night Begins to Shine" to open a door to an alernate dimension and save Cyborg from an evil dragon. CeeLo summoned security. Three men arrived and kicked the Titans out. CeeLo's pet Yorkie Zu barked at them. CeeLo was later bathed in a blue pulse sent out by Cyborg. He suddenly began to sing "The Night Begins to Shine". He picked up Zu who sang along with him.

After he put Zu down, CeeLo admitted the song was speaking to him. A portal opened and pulled him in. CeeLo transformed into a cybernetic polar bear and renamed himself CeeLo Bear. His cover of "The Night Begins to Shine" heralded his arrival in the alternate dimension. The Dragon sent his army at him. He slashed and ripped them to pieces but they combined into a giant scorpion. CeeLo avoided its tail strikes and his right arm fired a barrage of missiles. The scorpion shielded itself with its pincers then extended its right arm and grabbed CeeLo by the neck. CeeLo tore the pincer off, grabbed its arm then swung the scorpion into the sky. It morphed its tail and attacked again. CeeLo removed his shades and fired eye lasers that severed the tip off. The scorpion charged. CeeLo charged up his right arm and slashed the scorpion into thirds. It exploded. After Fall Out Bot destroyed a giant centipede, the Dragon pulled the song out of the both of them. They watched as B.E.R. summoned Sweet and Cyborg defeated the Dragon.