Baby Jack & Growler

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Real Identity: Baby Jack & "Growler" Growlio
Appearances: Classic Titans and Kabooms Pt: 1
Powers/Skills: Above Average Strength, Unarmed Combat, and Armed Combat
Voiced By: Tara Strong (Baby Jack) and Greg Cipes (Growler)

Baby Jack & Growler are characters in a TV show called "Babies vs. Dogs". Baby Jack looks like a baby in a diaper but he's a sharpshooter and hand-to-hand fighter. Growler is a humanoid bull dog who is very strong. In one known episode, they ignored a donkey and ended up trapped in an alley by a wave of zombie burritos. They regrouped and ate the burritos. The Teen Titans tuned in for an all day marathon but it was interrupted by Control Freak. He trapped the Titans in the first episode of the classic Teen Titans cartoon to teach them a lesson. After the Titans were captured by the episode's one dimensional villain, Doctor Otto von Death, Raven opened a portal and brought Baby Jack and Growler to the cartoon. Strapped to Growler, Baby fired his baby bottles at von Death who tried to return fire with a laser pistol. Growler easily dodged the blasts. Baby took off after von Death, tackled him and punched him repeatedly in the face.

Growler punched out the robot Tyrannosaurus Rex, picked it up by the tail and slammed it around then tossed it at a wall. Baby threw Growler a rocket launcher. He fired at the dinosaur rocket. The missiles turned into time bombs and attached to the rocket. The Titans, Baby Jack, and Growler ran outside the lair and cheered after it was reduced to rubble. Control Freak restored the Titans to normal and admitted he was wrong. Robin brushed him off and changed the station back to the "Babies vs. Dogs" all day marathon. A "Babies vs. Dogs" movie was later made. Robin didn't want to go to the theater by himself and disguised a night out with the other Titans as a team building exercise. Ultimately, he convinced them to come with him by assuring them there would be special effects.

The TV show spawned its own movie, "Babies vs. Dogs The Movie". Robin chose to see it for a team building exercise because he didn't want go to the theater by himself. By then, Cyborg saw the property as a cheap cartoon show that played non-stop. Starfire felt outraged they were expected to leave their home and pay good money for something they could watch while she sat on the couch. Robin pitched it as an exciting adventure you can't get at home. He rallied them with the promise of special effects, crazy stunts, and explosions. After the "Death Toilet 4" trailer, the movie started with Baby chopping fire wood for his cabin. As he checked his mail box, Growler arrived on his motorcycle. There was tension between the two and they fought. Growler insisted they had to work together to take down the Cyber-Hackers before they hacked the White House. The Cyber-Hackers emerged from a cyber portal and captured them.

Bound and tied up back to back, Growler sadly recalled how his father trained him since he was just a pup and always said winning was the most important thing. The Titans, except Robin, were appalled by the sudden end to the action and transition into exposition. Robin insisted it was important into learning Baby and Growler's back stories in order to understand their motivations. Cyborg didn't think so. Growler revealed he was born on a farm to a simple life herding cattle and such. He admitted his father was a real hound, always howling at the Moon. Baby Jack revealed his dad liked to throw him into the air and always caught him but sometimes he worried he wouldn't. Starfire lost her patience, ripped out a chair, and threw it. Beast Boy declared someone needed to save the movie. Raven got an idea and used her magic to teleport the Titans into the movie. Baby Jack didn't recognize them. Raven and Cyborg declared they came to save them from being boring and she freed them.

The Titans tried to fight the Cyber-Hackers but were easily defeated. The Hackers formed a giant cyber head and blasted them. Growler weakly stated they were too strong. Raven got an idea and told the Titans to bore the Hackers to sleep with exposition. Robin finished them off with a sad story about circus life when he had to train a bear he named Gunther. Even after they won and saved the White House, Robin kept going on. The other Titans, Baby Jack, and Growler walked off-screen.