Baby Jack & Growler

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Real Identity: Baby Jack & Growler
Appearances: Classic Titans
Powers/Skills: Above Average Strength, Unarmed Combat, and Armed Combat
Voiced By:

Baby Jack & Growler are characters in a TV show called "Babies vs. Dogs". Baby Jack looks like a baby in a diaper but he's a sharpshooter and hand-to-hand fighter. Growler is a humanoid bull dog who is very strong. In one known episode, they ignored a donkey and ended up trapped in an alley by a wave of zombie burritos. They regrouped and ate the burritos. The Teen Titans tuned in for an all day marathon but it was interrupted by Control Freak. He trapped the Titans in the first episode of the classic Teen Titans cartoon to teach them a lesson. After the Titans were captured by the episode's one dimensional villain, Doctor Otto von Death, Raven opened a portal and brought Baby Jack and Growler to the cartoon. Strapped to Growler, Baby fired his baby bottles at von Death who tried to return fire with a laser pistol. Growler easily dodged the blasts. Baby took off after von Death, tackled him and punched him repeatedly in the face.

Growler punched out the robot Tyrannosaurus Rex, picked it up by the tail and slammed it around then tossed it at a wall. Baby threw Growler a rocket launcher. He fired at the dinosaur rocket. The missiles turned into time bombs and attached to the rocket. The Titans, Baby Jack, and Growler ran outside the lair and cheered after it was reduced to rubble. Control Freak restored the Titans to normal and admitted he was wrong. Robin brushed him off and changed the station back to the "Babies vs. Dogs" all day marathon.