Zippy's Pizza

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances: Hey Pizza!, Staring at the Future, and Baby Hands
Powers: Not Applicable
Voiced By: Not Applicable

Zippy's Pizza is a pizza franchise located in Jump City on Main Street. It advertises delivery in 30 minutes or the pizza is free. After some advice from another superhero team, Robin formed the Teen Titans with the promise of pizza. Soon, Zippy's Pizza became a frequent presence at the Titans Tower. In an effort to get away from the team, Beast Boy and Cyborg made magical clones of themselves then rented out an apartment unit. For months, they lived on Zippy's Pizza and played video games. Beast Boy and Cyborg once challenged that guarentee since it would take an average of 48 minutes for a pizza to make it to the tower. However, the shop's delivery boy managed to deliver the pizza in less than 30 minutes no matter what obstacle was set up even the tower's security dome. The duo became obessed and accidentally destroyed Zippy's' shop with a satellite laser but it was rebuilt rather quickly.

Cyborg and Beast Boy ate pizza at Zippy's in an effort to forget about their responsibilities. However, a quibble over the last slice led to a 30 year long staring contest over it. Not liking the future, they teleported back to the Zippy's in the past and altered the timeline by sharing the last slice. As a result, the Zippy's was leveled as most of the city when Manhunters arrived. Back in the present, Brother Blood blew up Zippy's Pizza with a huge laser cannon while he terrorized the city. During a two week pizza ban, the Titans refrained from pizza. The Turtles bought every pizza in the world and took back their power. The Titans defeated the Turtles and reclaimed the pizza for themselves.