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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances: Staring at the Future, Second Christmas, Tamaranian Vacation, BBSFBDAY, and Justice League's Next Top Talent Idol Star: Pt 1
Powers: Not Applicable
Voiced By: Not Applicable

Tamaran is a Class M planet. The Tamaranians are a warrior race that follows many customs and rituals. The planet's fire air is so flammable, it is considered a way to make sure the weak don't survive. The revolution of Tamaran around its star takes 164.79 Earth years. Starfire was supposed to be the next ruler of Tamaran but she was betrayed by her own sister Blackfire and exiled. Eager to find out how Starfire's upbringing made her such a sweet person, the Titans visited Tamaran. However, Cyborg mistakingly caused war with the Blood Dominion by shaking one of General Thraxis' tentacles. Starfire rallied a planetary defense but 3/4 of it was destroyed. Starfire managed to broker a truce by marrying Thraxis. Robin wouldn't have any of it and blew Thraxis up. The war was back on. Dishonored, Starfire was escorted to an arena to battle Gridnock and redeem herself. Things didn't look good when Gridnock swallowed her and the other Titans but they emerged victorious. Tamaran was saved.

In a possible future, 30 years from the present, Starfire had returned to Tamaran and became queen.