Oregon Trail

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Appearances: Oregon Trail
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The Oregon Trail is a famous 2000 miles journey pioneers took to Oregon on the west coast of the United States of America. Upset the other Titans were getting soft living in the modern age, Robin decided to take them on an educational journey across the Oregon Trail like the pioneers did. They soon realized it was boring, monotonous, and repetitive. Beast Boy threw up, got run over, broke his right leg, got bit by a rattlesnake, and finally died of dysentary. He came back as a ghost and followed them, insisting it was way better to be a ghost. In the first winter, Starfire froze to death then Raven died of measles, and lastly, Cyborg died of a cold after crying over his friends' deaths. As ghosts, they partied with the ghosts of the animals that Robin shot for food. Robin eventually ate his ox Hug-head and lived on it for three weeks. He eventually reached the Dalles River and floating his cart across - ignoring the Titans and their Ghost Yacht. After falling down a waterfall and hitting every possible rock jutting out, he landed in Oregon... then discovered he had dysentery.