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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances: 40%, 40%, 20%, Chapter One: I Saw You Dance, Chapter Two: The Story in Your Eyes, Chapter Three: Playing Hard to Get, and Chapter Four: The Night Begins to Shine
Powers: Not Applicable
Voiced By: Not Applicable

It is said each band makes their own magic when they create their songs. Long ago, a dragon created a kingdom without rival. No one dared to challenge for millennia. Then B.E.R. came and created a sound more powerful than any. "The Night Begins to Shine" gave birth to an entirely new alternate reality, warping space and time around itself. It was infused by the art of the 1980s. The dragon was left as helpless as a newborn babe. From that day forward, the night shone eternally. The song's magic became the key to the dimension. Fearing the song would fall into the wrong hands, namely the dragon's, and be misused as a way to destroy worlds, B.E.R. sealed it within a cassette tape and hid it away from the dimension. They swore never to sing it again until the prophecy was fulfilled, when the night shined no more and the glory of the land had fallen. B.E.R. disappeared soon after and never spoke of the song again.

Somehow, the song became magically infused in Cyborg's soul and when he sang the song, he could transport himself and others to the dimension where they underwent a transformation into rad versions of themselves. On his own, Cyborg used the power of the song and went to the dimension in his mission to save the other Teen Titans from the Brain. Cyborg battled Brain's soldiers, Monsieur Mallah and The Brain himself. Overcome by boredom one day, the Titans had Cyborg take them back. They rode around in their sweet vehicles and marveled at how rad the dimension was. A dragon attacked them. It demanded the song, claiming it was his. Cyborg refused to give it away and the Titans battled the dragon. It eventually formed a portal from the tops of its wings and sent the others back to the Titans Tower. Cyborg was trapped in the dimension with the dragon.

Unable to return alone, the Titans tried to recruit CeeLo Green then Fall Out Boy to perform the song but were met with skepticism and denied. The wolf came to Cyborg's aid but the dragon caught up to them and swallowed Cyborg whole. Cyborg escaped by yelling "The Night Begins to Shine" and teleported back out. He flew off on the bird then told it to help Beast Boy find B.E.R. then the dragon told him of the dimension's origins and the band's part in it. He wanted to take the song in order to use it to take back the dimension. Beast Boy crashed the T-Car after the bird warped between dimensions and dove into the windshield. William J Regan, now a tow truck driver, came upon Beast Boy and towed him back to 3 State Auto Repair. The bird clued Beast Boy into Regan's past until he realized who he was. Beast Boy convinced Regan to help him save Cyborg out of responsibility. The Titans brought B.E.R. back together again but they wouldn't sing the song. Franklin Enea suggested they could come up with a new song to get back to the dimension.

Despite the danger and difficulty in recreating that kind of magic, B.E.R. succeeded thanks to the Titans melodramatically stating Cyborg was trapped forever. They created the song "Forever Mine" and generated a portal back to the dimension. The dragon ambushed them with his army then reunited them with Cyborg. The dragon conjured a giant keyboard machine and tapped into B.E.R.'s harmonic aura and pulled the song out of Cyborg. He bent the song to his purpose and started transforming the lands. Serpentine structures arose and a planet was cleaved in half. The dragon sentenced them to righteous termination. Cyborg asked B.E.R. if they believed in the power of music. They replied 'yes' and Cyborg emitted a blue pulse into the sky. Fall Out Boy and CeeLo were bathed in the pulse and they suddenly starting singing "The Night Begins to Shine" then were pulled into portals. They transformed and destroyed the Dragon's army with their newfound powers. The Dragon pulled the song from them as well.

B.E.R. played another song "Rise Up" and fulfilled the next stage of the prophecy. The earth opened and Sweet, a giant woman robot, rose up and fought the Dragon one-on-one. She left the Dragon weakened and exhausted, and gestured to Cyborg. The pegasus exited her forehead and Cyborg leapt atop it. The bird dropped a hilt to Cyborg. He generated an energy axe and leaped off. He struck the Dragon's head and delivered the finishing blow. The Dragon faded away. With the prophecy fulfilled, B.E.R. could play "The Night Begins to Shine" again and together with Sweet, they restored the lands to their glory. B.E.R. thanked the Titans for teaching them music was a responsibility. They decided to stay for awhile and make more music to keep the dimension strong. They said their goodbyes and the Titans departed with CeeLo Bear and Fall Out Bot back to Earth.