Mount Brosuvius

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances: Bro-Pocalypse
Powers: Not Applicable
Voiced By: Not Applicable

Officially known as Mount San Antonio, Mount Brosuvius is a fabled mountain on an island where the Bro God sends down an intergalactic fist bump every 2000 years. Raven was skeptical of the legend being true until the Titans Tower picked up a magnetic disturbance coming from above the mountain range. If not dispersed, it would destroy the world. With Robin, Cyborg, and Beast Boy injured and unable to walk, Raven and Starfire teleported to Mount Brosuvius themselves with their Bro Journal to guide them. The blinding light rays threatened to give Raven a sunburn until she popped her collar. They advanced through the jungle and found the base of the mountain, where a bro's face was carved. Raven checked the journal and read "To pass through the face, get it all over the place." An ultimate bro burger rose from the ground. Once it was consumed, the face was triggered and his mouth opened to reveal a path in. They eventually found a statue of the first bro to fist bump the Bro God. Raven noticed one of the lions' hats was facing forward and fixed it.

The statue rose up and a new passage was revealed to an extreme bike course. They performed sick jumps to avoid the pits of spikes and crocodiles. In mid-air, the chain broke but Starfire quickly substituted her own. They climbed to the summit but had no idea who the ultimate bro was. Starfire took solace they would be crushed together. Raven realized they were the ultimate bro together. They generated a giant fist bump and prevented the Bro-Pocalypse. Robin, Beast Boy, and Cyborg arrived, unaware of their triumph and proclaimed the ultimate bros had arrived to save the world. Raven and Starfire realized being a bro was terrible. They tossed their hats and flew away while the others kept yelling and grunting on the summit.