Metal World

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances: Throne of Bones
Powers: Not Applicable
Voiced By: Not Applicable

Metal World is an alternate dimension dedicated to heavy metal music. It is aptly considered the most metal place of all and only those who are righteous and rugged may remain. After Robin mentioned the dangers of playing a heavy metal record backwards, the other Titans tried it out. They were all teleported to Metal World and engaged by Metal Lord as he rose from a lava pit shredding his guitar. He banished Robin for not being rugged enough. Robin decided to metal up to save his team. He playing a record backwards and returned to the Metal World. The Titans stated it was too late and Metal Lord was their new leader. Metal Lord repeated Robin didn't belong but was challenged. Metal Lord summoned skull bats with his guitar but Robin easily took them out with head banging. The Lord directed him to cross "the pit". Robin ran across a giant chain over the pit but the Metal Lord flew off his throne and landed, rocking the chain.

Robin fell into the pit and took on the mosh pit. His hair extended and grabbed a stone jutting out. The Metal Lord couldn't believe what happened and declared there was nothing more metal than he. The Titans summoned instruments and shredded but it was lame. Metal Lord shredded and rocked the Titans off their feet. Robin got out his saxophone and transformed into a smooth jazz player. The smooth jazz overpowered the Lord's heavy metal, wrapped him up and strummed his guitar. The Metal Lord was reduced to an infant. Robin assumed the throne and declared what mattered was they could all appreciatea a good jam. He did a saxophone solo. A skeleton in the pit remarked he was smooth.